Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Memories

We started our Memorial Day memories last night.

We had some families from church (our Bible Fellowship which is a fancy word for Sunday School) over for a cookout.  We hadn't all gotten together in a while. After the evening, I was wondering why we didn't do that more often.  I can't speak for anyone else but I really enjoyed the time together. The kids played tag, jumped on the trampoline, raced each other, played ball together.  The adults just sat out on the back porch and chatted, supervising the kids and soothing any injuries that occurred.  Of course, and we ate.  You can't "fellowship" without eating!

We got to bed later than usual after those festivities, so the BIG treat was sleeping in this morning.  Woohoo!  Marley didn't quite make it but she wasn't as playful as she normally is in the morning.

After a little lounging, it was time to head to the "barn" of our friends.  This barn is really just like a big rec room.  Really big.  It was fun visiting with friends, old and new.  The kids slid down the "hillbilly" waterslide, and we were able to celebrate a milestone birthday of a friend of ours.  My highlight was holding the 2 month baby of another friend. I held him for much of the getting those "baby fixes".

We came home early afternoon and sent the little ones to bed for a nap.  I then changed into some grungy clothes and headed back to the school for some more cleaning/organizing.  I didn't quite finish but I am REALLY close!  Woohoo!  I am also feeling it this evening.  Lots of lifting and moving.  Can I count that for my exercise for the day? :)

I arrived home with just enough time to hop in the shower and slip on some somewhat nicer (and patriotic) clothes.  Then we headed back down the road to my parents' house.  There, we enjoyed a cookout.  And swimming.  Well, I didn't.  The kids did.  Before dinner, then after dinner.

One of the night's highlights was watching our three pups playing together (all three are dachshunds). 

As I was sitting outside chatting with my hubby, my mom, and my sister, I felt an occasional splash of water from the cousins playing together in the pool.  The sun was setting.  My belly was full.  And the pups were playing by my feet.  The air was somewhat cool (compared to the day).  And my heart was happy.

I really wanted to freeze time.

For just that little bit, there was no worry about paychecks, jobs, interviews (for hubby, not me), etc.

Just a time to enjoy the moment.

And the freedom I had to be there.

PS Not really even any pics to share...I was just enjoying the moment IN the moment :)

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