Saturday, May 19, 2012


Wow. It has been almost a week since I posted. Highly unusual for me. But then again it has been a highly unusual week. Lots of late nights, trying to wrap up school, some not so fun issues to deal with, after school activities, and very out of routine days at school.

I haven't even exercised in four days I think.

Or played my Draw Something games.

 Just no time.

 Every minute filled.

 But the one thing I did make time for this week was a special reunion. As you may or may not remember, last year I had a reunion with my second kindergarten class of graduating seniors (from this school). Just want to clarify that I did love my first kindergarten class from this school...I just wasn't in touch with many of them.  It is much easier to organize if I can find at least part of the group.

Anyway, I had a wonderful time reuniting with that group.

As this year has gone by, I started thinking, "Hmmm, maybe I should do it again." 

I sent out feelers and got a positive response.

So, what could I do?

Have another reunion, of course.

Tuesday I hopped in my car.  I had a cake, plates and forks, gifts and cards, and my smile with me.  And maybe a few nerves.  I haven't seen many of these kids in years.  In fact, some left our school after kindergarten when another elementary school opened up in their neighborhoods.  So it has been almost 12 years for some!

We went to the same local restaurant that I had reunioned at the year before. I ate light all day anticipating the food.
Some of my crew had moved away.  A couple had to work.  One forgot (but I got to see her later when she visited me at school).  And a couple said they were coming but then didn't show up. :(  However, the faithful bunch that did come were delightful.  They are all good kids (or they are fooling me big time :).  And I am so proud of the young men and women they have become.  They all have exciting futures ahead of them.  What a joy it was to be a small part of their lives!  I am thankful that they gave up a couple of hours to come visit with an old lady like me.  I am blessed.
Happy graduation to my former kindergarten class today.  You will forever be in my heart!

More soon,

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