Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mom's Day

Some years I can tell Mom's Day is going to be extra special.  Like the year that we went to Petite Jean...I had a whole weekend of hiking with my family!  Other years I might get gift cards, flowers, treats.  And then...

Other years, Mom's Day is kind of an afterthought.

And I know that too.

Though it would be easy to be hurt, I can understand.

Somehow special days, no matter how special they are, sneak up on you. 

Or at least they do me.

And since the rest of the family does not tend to be planners, I know that it is going to happen here.  A lot.

So yesterday I was out and about running a lot of errands (when I just really wanted to be at home asleep), and I saw a stockpot. A tall one.  I have been wanting one.  When I boil potatoes, they overflow in my regular pot. In fact, I can't even boil a whole bag of potatoes for that reason.

So on somewhat of an impulse, I bought it.

And I told myself happy mother's day.

I also got a pizza dinner date with my hubby after we attended a friend's wedding.

This morning I awoke to a sweet gift from Child 3 (made at school) and a video interview of my kids about me.  And though I didn't get breakfast in bed, I did get breakfast served to the table.  That is a treat. :)

Throughout the day I received more "Happy Mother's Day" comments, along with a poster from Child 2.

And that is my Mom's Day.

Hope you had a Happy Mom's Day too!


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  1. Beautiful! The after thought Mother's day can be a real kicker... I have had a few of them. UGH!
    Thanks for your words regarding Carson. He has a problem with controlling his hands and being way to rough with others.


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