Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thankful Thursday...I Think

The one downfall of summer (though not much of a downfall :) is that I lose track of what day it is.  During the school year, I teach calendar each day, so I always know the date, the day of the week, etc.  But during the summer, my days run together. As my third child declared, it is like one long weekend. :)  I would agree!

I am NOT complaining though.

But I do have to stop and really think about it.

So I am almost positive today is Thursday.

Which means I need to give some thanks. :)

I haven't done that in a couple weeks, not that I don't have anything to give thanks for.  I am just enjoying the lazy days of summer.  And probably losing track of what day it is...

So, what am I thankful for this week?

  • Air conditioning.  We have been SO fortunate to have had a mild summer so far (though it isn't technically summer) but I do know that this house could get very warm without AC.
  • Child 2 getting her "fish" at swim lessons last week which means only TWO children in swim lessons next year!
  • Complimentary tickets to a suite at the baseball game last weekend which made for a fun way to celebrate the girls' birthdays!
  • Snow cone dates with my husband
  • A sweet card of encouragement from a friend at church
  • A new roof (which I am sure I will appreciate once it is all done...)
  • A day at the lake yesterday visiting with friends (who had moved away)...also worked well since it was on hubby's birthday.  A perfect way to celebrate with him.
  • Getting to exercise mid-morning instead of late at night.  I feel so free the rest of the day!
  • Afternoon naps (quiet time for the kids, naptime for me!)
  • A court date for readopting the kids.  Only took us five years.  Let me clarify, it took US five years.  Not the courts.  It only took them a week or so. :)
  • An opportunity for my hubby to go watch our Hogs play at the College World Series
  • A God who knows the plans He has for us even if I don't know what they are. :)
  • The opportunity to watch the butterflies fly around the mimosa tree (picture above).  It was just such a beautiful sight.
  • COBRA (as in health insurance coverage for the hubby until we figure out where we are headed...)
  • Comments.  I have always said I don't write these posts to get comments, and I really don't. But I won't lie. I smile really big when I do get a comment.
  • Fireflies at dusk
  • The fuzzy pup curled up by my feet
  • Dinner together each night
  • My husband and oldest child working out together early morning
  • Strawberry smoothies (homemade)...very filling and not many calories
  • My new cup (given by a student)...perfect for keeping my lemonade cold on a hot day
  • Seeing the deer along the road as we drove home from the lake last night; they are beautiful and graceful creatures (unless they run into your car, spoken from experience)
  • Early bedtimes for grouchy kids
  • my handsome 40 year old husband
Probably should stop for now though there are so many more things I could add.

So, what are you thankful for this week?


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