Monday, June 25, 2012

A Walk to Remember

Yes, we are still walking that road.

Well, kind of walking.  Aimlessly.  :)

We are at that point that I can tell people don't know whether to ask any more.

Does he have a job?

And honestly, that is okay.  I don't know how to answer that anyway.

Last week, the wife of our Bible Fellowship teacher prayed for us, for Mark's job direction.  She also asked for our extra time together to be blessed.

I giggled.

Yes, during the prayer.

I giggled.

We haven't had any extra time together.

Every day my sweetie kisses my cheek then heads out the door while I roll over to sleep a few more minutes.

Where does he go?

Different places.

He has had several lunches with contacts...some about possible jobs, others to just encourage.  He is exploring possibilities.  And he has been "freelancing" in a sense with some projects.

And while part of me would love to be able to answer the question with a firm answer, there isn't one yet.

In fact, that was part of my husband's plan.

Well, none of this was really part of his plan.

He was quite happy where he was doing what he was doing.

Had to laugh the other day when our youngest asked, "Where is Daddy?" I immediately answered with "work".  He then said, "I thought those people took his job away..."

See, even our kids don't totally get it either.

But anyway, after finding himself without a set job, my husband made a conscious decision that he would explore any option that presented itself.  And that he would take this month to just wait.  Wait and see.  Wait for God's direction.

That is what he has been doing.

So we continue this walk of unemployment.  We walk along the paths, the different turns and twists.  We come to forks in the road and debate about which way to go.  We stop and rest and wait for the signal to change, the signal to go ahead.  Most importantly, we do it together.

Along the way, there is a lot of prayer.  A lot of discussion.  And a lot of just being silent and waiting for direction from God.

A few times I have wanted to stop the walk.  To just pitch our "tent" in a spot, just for the security of knowing a decision was made.  But every time I think that, we see another fork ahead, another possibility.  And we continue on.

I kind of think I know where our path is headed.

But there may be a turn or a twist ahead or even a roadblock still to come.

The map is not clear.

So until I know for sure, I won't say.

We will just keep walking...



  1. That was exactly what my devo was on this morning. It said that in seeking God's Will we should just wait- even when everyone around you is feeling anxious for you for an answer, even when you feel a time limit. Waiting and spending time with God to seek His Will. Sounds exactly like what you all are doing. It will be exciting to see what adventure God has in store for Mark and for your family.

  2. Keep walking. When your legs hurt the Lord will carry you. Trust and obey as there is no other way (sing the rest I know you know it) sign it loud!
    Praying for you ;)


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