Friday, August 10, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Yes, it is.

It is Thankful Thursday.

And since next week, I will be back at school, I need to be extra thankful this week. I will probably be too tired next week to even utter the words, much less type them. :)

So, what am I thankful for this week?
  • Our pup Marley had a good checkup today. Her 1 year checkup complete with shots. She didn't even flinch.  I was so proud, especially when the vet said "She is a polite dog".  Bless her heart though, she was shaking like crazy and holding on to me as tight as her little paws could.
  • A visit with a friend from my younger days. Her mom is here for surgery so she came to town to be with her mom and I got a visit with her.  She was such a blessing to me in my younger days living in Stuttgart and working at my first teaching job.  
  • A new book. I ordered "The Whole Brain Child" after reading a good recommendation for it.  Wow. It is good stuff. I know it doesn't sound exciting but it it really is interesting and not too hard to read.
  • A hubby who offers to make pancakes and bacon one night out of the blue.  I love cooking but a nice break is appreciated too!
  • A pedicure with my sister. That hasn't happened yet but it is coming. :)
  • Friends who share their expertise and answer questions I have (mainly in the area of parenting)
  • A husband who works hard
  • A surprise rain yesterday
  • New clothes
  • Child 3 learning to ride a bike!
  • A new attitude and view as a mom
  • Not setting my alarm...this is my last week for that. :(
  • Afternoon naps (last week for that too :()
  • A friend/co-worker who takes time to truly listen to me
  • Getting out of a workshop early :)
  • Cutting back on Facebook. I miss it but I am getting some things done around the house
  • New pajamas...just because it is fun to have something new
  • Dr. Karyn Purvis
  • Answered prayers
  • My Turvis cup. I am so spoiled to that thing now!
I am sure I could go on and on but I am going to stop for now.

What are you thankful for this week?


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