Sunday, August 12, 2012

What I DID This Summer

Every year when school ends, I have grand summer plans in my mind.  LOTS of organizing.  Redecorating.  Fun travel.  Visits to the lake or river.  Tackling the stack of magazines I have only partially read. 

And every year when August rolls around and I see my "break" coming to an end, I feel panicked.  And defeated. And sad.

Sad I didn't do SOOOO many of the things I was just sure I would.

In those times, I could wallow in the pit of despair.  It is a good excuse to eat a lot of chocolate.


I can stop and reflect and think about the things I DID get done (even if they weren't on my original list).

That is what I am choosing.  I still may eat chocolate though...

  • Supported husband as he launched his own business
  • Cleaned out my medicine cabinet (which had not been cleaned out in quite a while apparently)
  • Sorted kids' schoolwork (only the saved pieces) from last school year
  • Baked and decorated the girls' birthday cake
  • Organized the girls' birthday celebration
  • Exercised at least 5 days every week I think, actually hitting 6 most of the time
  • Tried several new recipes (some that have become favorites already)
  • Took the kids swimming at the river
  • Transported kids to swimming lessons
  • Sent Child 2 to her first week camp
  • Transported two other kids to their camps
  • Visited my sister for a week while the girls went to a horse camp
  • Had shaved ice dates with my husband
  • Planned, packed for, and went on a week long vacation at the beach...our pup's first vacation!
  • Enjoyed a day at the lake with friends
  • Met TWO "virtual friends" (friends via adoption but only met through the Internet prior to our real meetings)
  • Hosted a friend for a couple of days
  • Read two "fun" books and more parenting books than I can count
  • Lost a couple more pounds...about five more to go
  • Took the kids swimming at their grandparents' house
  • Played numerous rounds of Candyland and Apples to Apples, as well as dramatic play with Little People
  • Washed, dried, and folded at least 6 loads (usually more) of laundry a week
  • Organized Child 4's books (with his assistance)
  • Planned the girls' "new" room (though we haven't implemented yet...)
  • Shredded
  • Experienced some "life changing" parenting training via a book, DVD, and a mentor who thankfully answers questions any time I have them
  • "Re-adopted" our younger two (now I have to get the youngest's name changed on everything...)
  • Organized under our bed
  • Weeded out clothing in the closet
  • Worked on a puzzle with child 3
  • Started journals with both girls to keep the lines of communication open
  • Celebrated hubby's 40th birthday
  • Hopefully encouraged several via Facebook and blogs
  • Watched the meteor shower
  • Had a night getaway with hubby
  • Tried some new foods (like edamame and quinoa)
  • Took kids to doctor's appointments (3 I believe)
  • Took the pup in her for her yearly checkup and booster shots
  • Took the youngest school supply shopping
  • Menus planned and executed each week
  • Got a deep freeze (and filled it with cow meat)
  • Climbed a light house
  • Blogged fairly regularly
  • Cleaned out the car...a couple times :)
  • Cooked lunch for the church interns
  • Watched several hours of Lock Up
  • Pulled out child 4's first tooth :(  I wasn't ready for that one)
  • Read up on and started implementing activities to help with sensory issues one or more of my children are dealing with
  • Took and edited TONS of pictures
  • Donated my hair
  • Got a new roof
  • Started parenting "intentionally" (will explain one day)
I am sure I can think of more, but I am getting tired.

I do know that thinking about what I did makes me feel much better about the things I didn't...



  1. Look at what ALL you did! Way to go!

  2. That's one busy and blessed summer. Good stuff Reba!


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