Sunday, August 26, 2012


Things to Remember from the day:

  • Enjoying a snow cone on the patio tonight as the kids played while the sun set
  • The warmth of the pup on my legs as she snoozes (and I type)
  • Watching my oldest child running his first cross country race...I love his perseverance
  • Hearing the kids thank me for making a good dinner (in today's case:  chicken spaghetti)
  • Taking an afternoon nap after a really long week
  • Hugging my hubby before he left for a work trip :(
  • Hearing my youngest apologize (without any prompting) after a little meltdown (both him and me :)
  • Watching the two youngest play nicely together in the toyroom this afternoon
  • Watching Child 3 ride around the yard on a two wheel bike (after her SISTER taught her how!) rather than one with training wheels
  • Having a former student ring up my groceries today (and wondering where the time went)
  • A nice chat with the produce guy on a shopping trip (because sometimes I feel invisible when I am shopping)

Just a few things but I wanted to remember. Because tomorrow may be a hard day. Then all of this will be a distant memory to me...

What do you want to remember from the day?


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