Monday, July 27, 2009 usual

I am so behind on blogging. I have not gotten to put up pictures from Swim Ranch or the weekend festivities...hopefully later today. It was a wild and wooly kind of week last week! This week's plans: as little as possible! I have one appointment this morning, and we have football/cheerleading practices in the evening. Other than that, we are chillin' over here!

I am finally going to the dr. today for my dumb ankle. I am afraid they are going to tell me nothing is wrong, but it is actually hurting more now than it has in weeks! I find myself wishing it will swell up just so I can show the dr. what I am dealing with.

The "back to school" panic is setting in. It really isn't panic, it is just that nonstop thinking of "What am I going to do about...?" Yesterday at church, I tried so hard to pay attention, but my back to school hallway display was just a constant thought in my mind. It is one of the many things teachers ponder this time of year!

I have been thinking about this time last year...our trip to San Francisco. Such a wonderful hurrah at the end of the summer. Sigh!

Okay, I better go get started on our lazy day. I will try to write more tonight.

Oh, please keep praying for Jeremy who just started his chemo. The side effects have NOT been fun. :(

Okay, really, gotta go. More later!

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