Saturday, July 11, 2009

I'm Making a List...

I have been working on a grocery list all day. I am still not done. Okay, not focused on it all day. I started it this morning and haven't finished it. That means tomorrow when I am supposed to have my Sunday nap, no nap. I get to go to the store. Just to defend myself a little bit, I am trying to get back on my routine of planning for and shopping for two weeks of meals. We do so much better about eating at home, eating healthier, and not shopping as much when I do. It is just an ordeal to get the list organized.

Anyway, we had a nice leisurely day at home. We relaxed but did a few things too (laundry, cleaning out the girls' room...that is a neverending process). The kids just played for most of the day unless we needed them for cleaning. Oh, I gave Child 3 a "computer lesson" today. She hasn't been very interested in computer or video games. She has tried the Wii a couple times and didn't care for it. And she has never really played on the computer. She will be doing that at school this year, so I gave her an intro lesson to the mouse. She is getting the hang of it. It looks like I will need to have a few more lessons with her. Usually parents are trying to get the kids OFF the computer. I am trying to get one ON the computer.

We have cable boxes now to go along with the HD. And I love all of the choices I have as far as channels go. However, in my room,with the box, the words that are spoken do NOT match the mouth on screen. It is like watching Kung Fu, except it is on shows like Property Hunters and House. Surely there is a fix for this?

I think I am falling apart. I don't think my ankle will ever be the same. It isn't as swollen MOST of the time but it still swells on occasion. But if I am still for a while and stand up, I usually stumble because it is stiff as a board. I have never been athletic so unlike my sweet but unsympathetic husband I have never really dealt with injuries, and I have definitely not as a busy mom of four. And lately I cannot sleep the right way. I have a neckache or a shoulder ache. And I have had a dull headache all week. Today I started thinking maybe I was just dying (though technically we all are). I was trying to figure out who would take care of Mark and the kids. Yes, this is how my mind works. I don't know why. Maybe tomorrow will be better. And maybe I should work harder on organizing our lives, house, and finances just in case I am a prophet.

A few things I need to remember:
Last night our firstborn was saying he wished we had kept his baby brother's birthname. I told him he was welcome to name his child that someday. He said, "What? No, my son's name is going to be Dwight. And the next one is going to be George, and the third one is Nathanial." By the way, these are all named after historical figures. We did tell him that usually a wife gets some input too.

Tonight Child 4 asked about fireworks. We only got to see a few on the beach before the 4th (and couldn't find any ON the fourth); the ones we did see were small potatoes compared to regular fireworks. But he has been asking daily about them. I guess we need to get him to a Naturals game to watch some on a Friday night. Anyway, tonight at dinner, he asked about them again. I told him that no, no fireworks tonight. All of a sudden, he starts shooting his fingers up in the air and throwing out all of these sound effects, booms and gun sounds. He did a whole fireworks show for us. He is a funny kid!

Child 2 got the Little House on the Prairie books for her birthday. She LOVES them. I had visions of reading them together, but she cannot wait. I get to read an occasional chapter, but for the most part, she is reading them on her own. She asked me the other day why they called their parents "Ma and Pa". Anyone have an answer for that?

Child 3 has shots coming up. I told her that she has to have shots to go to school. She has informed me basically that she will not be getting shots. I think she is a dropout before she even got through kindergarten! This should be a fun doctor's appointment.

I have more I wanted to say, but Mark is going to bed, and I probably should too. We are actually going to church has been a month! (Not that we are just skippers; we have been gone a lot)

More later (hopefully),

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