Friday, July 31, 2009

Gettin' Away

It sounds like a scene out of a crime movie...the getaway car.

Well, last week my husband suggested that we might be going somewhere this weekend. This weekend was our "getaway" weekend last year...San Francisco. Ahhh, the memories. I asked him point blank if we were going to New York City which has been a hope of mine for some time. He told me not this just isn't financially wise at this moment. NYC is not a cheap place to be, even for a few days. Disappointing for sure, but understandable. But he did mention that we might go...somewhere. That is all he gave me. If you know me at all, I am not a surprise person. I am the one who reads the last chapter of a book first. The only time I handled surprises was with pregnancy...I didn't want to know the gender of our babies until they were born. Anyway, I usual.

So, as the week has gone on, I have waited for more details...anything. Someone asked me about going to watch a show in Tulsa. I had to admit I didn't know what my schedule was like. Finally, yesterday morning, I woke up and read Facebook and saw this on Mark's profile...

Mark Cloud is looking forward to a "end of summer" weekend get away with Rebs.....

Of course, I asked where, I got nothing but more teasing. Torture, pure torture.

A little while later, I spotted another "update" on his profile...

Mark Cloud is hoping Reba's ankle is well enough for our weekend excursion.....

So of course, my mind was racing. I was thinking about several places around the U.S. which would require alot of walking until he informed me (via phone) that we were not flying anywhere. That narrowed it down quite a bit. Mark doesn't like to drive so if it was more than a few hours away, it was out of the picture. :)

Next message...

Mark Cloud doesn't have much time to pack for our trip tommorrow. Luckily it doesn't take long to pack for a couple of nights....especially when it's just comfortable clothes and a pair of tennis shoes.... Maybe bring one pair of bluejeans and a decent shirt.... You never know....

Do you see the torture I was dealing with? He was having way too much fun with it. I did a little detective work, like asking my mom if she knew anything. (She didn't) And I checked American Idol concert spots...none close by until the end of the month. (I have been secretly hoping to go to one and living vicariously through all of my friends who have!) But I didn't pull out the big guns (checking credit records)...why ruin the fun?

At that point, I had a few places in mind. Branson, Tulsa, Dallas, Kansas City, and Mount Magazine. I even thought it could be a local bed and breakfast. We don't get time alone around here often. Well, the next "update" gave me the final clue...

Mark Cloud just saw a great looking MOUNTAIN in this MAGAZINE.... I should go there someday with Rebs.. :)

Why Mt. Magazine? Well, I have a couple of friends who have told me how beautiful it is. (It is a mountain here in Arkansas...has the highest point in Arkansas, fairly new lodge and cabins, supposed to be very relaxing and beautiful) And we have been talking about hiking more as a family if we can ever have free weekends. In fact, I looked at staying there for a couple days over spring break as a family but they were booked. And apparently, Mark and I are just on the same wave length. It happens after almost 13 years of marriage. :)

The final update...

Mark Cloud has decided, God willing, that Reba and I will always take weekend trips this time of year.....sometimes it will be San Francisco and sometime Mt. long as I'm with the love if my life, it's all good.....

I know, I know, he is a sweetheart, other than the whole torture thing. (Of course, in the midst of all of his "updates" there was a lot of banter with me and others...the fun of Facebook!)

So, I may or may not post this weekend. Who knows. I am looking forward to some time away. We always have a good time...we are like little kids, free from responsibilities. We do plan on doing some hiking; I am hoping my ankle is up for it!

Oh, if you haven't done so, please stop by and visit Bonnie's blog. Today is her wedding would have been their fifth. It is also the first one without him. Today is going to be a hard day. You don't have to know her to say, "Hey, thinking about you today" on her comments. I don't think you even have to do a word verification which I always have trouble with. Just type up a few words and click. Even if you don't do that, I know praying for her comfort and peace today makes a difference.

For now, I am off to do some school supply shopping with the kiddos...have three to buy for. Ugh! Should be fun. Or more torture...not sure which. :)


  1. I am so jealous that you get to go to Mt.Magazine! Richard and I always said we were going to do that and we never did! Enjoy it!!!!

  2. That sounds like a fun way to find out where you are going. You and your husband are so creative! Have fun!

  3. Hope yall have a blast! Hope your ankle is well enough to enjoy it all! I am not a surprise person either!! Clint asked me early last week if I had any plans for Aug 8th weekend. When I asked why, he began my torture! ugh, still no clues! guess i'll have to wait 1 more week to find out!!
    Have fun!


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