Friday, July 17, 2009

Racing the Clock

Okay, I had such good intentions last night about getting to sleep in a "timely manner". First I thought I would shoot for "11:30". Yep, not a chance of that. I had too much to do. So then I thought, "Midnight". Oh, wait, I wasn't finished with my stuff yet. So then I thought, "12:30". And I made it into bed right around that time. So did Mark. Then we started chatting about the day, sharing about kids, etc...and the next thing I knew it was 1:30 and I was still awake. :( I tried though. I will keep working on it. Well, maybe not tonight. But next week.

Okay, so as is typical for me, I had tons of random thoughts are just a sampling.

  • On the way to pick Child 2 up for a doctor's appointment, I saw two shoes in the middle of the road. They were nice sneakers/running shoes. And they weren't anywhere close to each other. And all I could think was, "Who belongs to those nice shoes? And why aren't they wearing them?"
  • Why is it that one road can have more than one name? I was driving in a tiny little town between two good size towns. There was a sign stating that at that point, the street name changed (totally different name). Why? It is a small town. I have a hard time believing that one name cannot handle one street there.
  • Every time I see a helicopter (which I did today), I say a quick prayer. We don't typically have helicopters around here unless it involves medical emergencies.
  • Before I had kids, we were early to everything. In fact, we probably drove people crazy coming to parties a little before the scheduled time when everyone else came thirty minutes AFTER the scheduled time. That is not a problem any more. With each child, our moments of lateness has greatly increased. Thus the name of today's post. I never want to leave TOO early, but then I feel like I am always racing against the clock to get somewhere on time. And our traffic around here can be very unpredictable. That being said, somehow I managed to drop kids off at my mom's house (Thanks, Grams!), pick Child 2 up early at music camp at our church, and get to her appointment on time.
  • Between music camp, appointments, social events (for the kids), etc...I have driven more this week than I care to think about. I am pretty sure the next time I turn on my van, it will automatically drive itself to church. I have also tried every possible path to get to church. Every time I go a different way, Child 3 asks me, "Why are you going this way, Mom?" (She is like the ULTIMATE backseat driver!) And every time I say, "I like to try different ways."
  • Ironically I was taking my little patient to the doctor to discuss her probable latex allergy. That isn't the ironic part. It was that when we were walking INTO the office, she somehow got her finger smashed in the door. Suddenly our "urgent care" visit really felt urgent! (It is fine now, just a small abrasion and really sore)
  • I love our kids' doctor. He is about as laid back as they come. And that is good for someone like me who can be a bit...high strung. It isn't that he doesn't care. I know he does. He just handles things in a calm manner. I tell him about our daughter's reaction to balloons, and he very calmly writes me prescriptions for epi-pens (which the school will likely require) and tells me that more than likely, it won't be a problem because she knows to stay away from latex (which she does better than me about). No scare tactics, grilling, etc...
  • Our daughter informed our doctor that she is only allowed one hour of screen time a day. She of course said it in a complaining way. The doctor's reaction, "Well, that is because your mom and dad are following the guidelines suggested by the American Academy of should only have one hour of screen time a day." Can I just say again how much I love our kids' doctor?
  • I informed the doctor that he will get to see me again on Monday with the two little ones for their checkups. I told him that Child 3 in particular is NOT happy about having shots and has told me (several times) that she will NOT be going. I won't blame him (the doctor) at all if he suddenly becomes ill over the weekend. He has no idea what is about to hit with that crew!
  • To get Child 2 ready for her program tonight (a culmination of all of her hard work this week), I had to put her hair in pigtails because the show had a "farm setting". Okay, I know I am a girl, but that does NOT make me an expert on this. Why don't they have classes for moms to learn how to do little girls' hair? I really need one (a class that is).
  • As we were driving home one of the times we made the trip today, Child 2 stated, "The fence for that field is gone." My statement, "Was there a fence there before?" I am so detail oriented. :)
  • On the way home, That same child also said, "Mom can I live with you when I am older until I get my own house?" I told her that usually people move out around 18-20 years of age. She asked where she was supposed to live then. I told her an apartment would work. Her response? "What??? That costs money!"

There is so much more I could share, but this is probably enough for one day.

Please continue to pray for my friend Jill's husband (Jeremy) as he recovers from surgery and will start treatments very soon for colon cancer. Also pray for Jill as she tends to him and their young boys!

Please too pray for Bonnie. Her baby boy's birth will likely occur in just a little over a month. Obviously the birth of a baby is cause for celebration. However, it will also just be another reminder of a special day without her husband physically here. Please pray for to find rest and peace in Him.

Okay, I better get to bed. The kids will be up much earlier than I will want to be!


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