Friday, July 17, 2009

Catching the Zzzz's

Okay, just lately I have been reminded about how important sleep is, which is funny to me because I don't do it often. Once the kids go down, I try to get stuff done (or just sink on the bed with the computer out of complete exhaustion) and before I know it, it is 1:30. Just so you know, if I am on the computer, I am not necessarily goofing. I am working on finances, commenting on blogs, creating lists, checking out current adoption stories (of others, not us), editing or uploading photos, etc. Anyway, this morning's Bible verse was...

Psalm 127:2 It is no use for you to get up early and stay up late, working for a living. The Lord gives sleep to those He loves.

Oops! I think that verse was written for me.

So, I am going to have to be VERY brief because I need to get to bed. I cannot just start going to bed at 11:00, but I figure if I am there by 12:30 tonight, that is a start. I did have a nap today too.

I did want to give one follow up story. Remember how my kids were working for a Nintendo DS? Well, shortly after that post, a blog friend M. contacted me to let me know that she had a DS that she doesn't use anymore. She offered to send it to us. She told me we could set the price for the kids and then give that money to charity. Isn't God neat? It isn't that we needed a DS or that it was a high priority. I just love how God is in the details...even these little ones! Anyway, it arrived yesterday. I have already had some fun with it of the games that came with it is Brain Age which would have been first on my wish list. The kids quickly counted their money when we gave them a total. We are going to donate the money to our daughter's hogar; orphanages in Guatemala are really struggling with the halt of adoptions there. So, true to our word, we bought the kids their first game tonight. Now we will see how the "sharing" goes. I also need to figure out if we will limit the time on it or just watch and see.

Okay, my time is up. I need to get some Zzzz's. I want to obey His word. Plus, I exercised a LOT more than usual today (not on purpose necessarily) so I am wiped out. :)

More later.


  1. Giggled when I read your post because obviously I am still up too! It's so hard to go to sleep some nights because the house is so quiet and I get caught up in all that I am doing. But ok I hear you and I am going to bed also! Nighty night!

  2. good reminder...yea i'm up at 1:11.
    viscous cycle. I am good at scheduling my kids sleep, just not my own :) love that verse.

    That is really neat about the DS. God totally does not have to be concerned with the details.. but He is. Great reminder!


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