Friday, August 7, 2009

It's the Little Things...

I know, I know, I have been in "deep" thought lately. It happens this time of year. And honestly it has been a bit stressful around the house. Football and cheerleading have taken over our evenings. I am trying to get my classroom organized but have little time to do it. And our precious little toddler is acting just like a...toddler. :)

So I am taking a break for a minute to just reflect on a few "little things" that make my heart smile...

  • I have been recording Sesame Street on the DVR. We don't watch it daily but at times when we have a little downtime, I turn it on. The younger 2 are glued to it. (The big kids "casually" watch it too but not in an obvious way :) I personally love it. I love the concepts that are introduced, the different cultures which is important in our house, and the tried and true characters. Anyway, tonight we watched it. Child 4, who has been on a roll recently, was in my lap and things were very least for a while. :)
  • Speaking of Child 4 he is now going around the house singing the Elmo introduction..."Nananana nananana, Elmo's World..." Makes me smile
  • My friend Bonnie got some neat news today about the upcoming birth of her baby boy. I could tell you but I would rather you read it yourself...made my heart smile all night! Just a reminder: her husband's name was Thomas, and that will also be the name of her baby boy. If you don't remember that, you may get confused. :)
  • I got a few more birthday gifts today from my parents...a pair of dolphin earrings, a pair of my favorite tennis shoes, and a book called "The Happiest Toddler on the Block" which I have read rave reviews about. I started reading it and appreciate the information in it. What really made my heart smile was reading that I am already doing some of these things. Makes me feel like I might know something after all.
  • Speaking of toddlers, only one "tantrum" today and that was first thing in the morning (today being Friday; I am finishing this on Saturday)
  • I get to go to a lunch tomorrow (or rather today) with a friend...that is a rare treat! It isn't that I don't like to do these things or want to, but most of my friends are as busy if not busier than me, so it doesn't happen as often as I would like. Sometimes you need a little "girl" time.
  • Tonight we went as a family to watch Child 2 cheer. Child 1 also had a game (and Child 2 cheered again) but it was at 9:30...too late for the little ones. It was nice being out all together.
  • My mouse (for my laptop) died. I was so sad. I do not do well without a mouse. It's a wireless mouse with a USB and the USB just wouldn't work. Later that night, I (on a whim) changed the battery. Good as new. (The reason I hadn't changed it is usually the laptop tells me fifty million times that it needs to be changed before I change it...this time, didn't say a word)
  • I had planned on seeing the musical production "Wicked" this weekend but we just couldn't get tickets for a reasonable price. And that is okay. I have a lot of things I can be doing at home. But it would have been fun. However, in researching the tickets I discovered that "Little House on the Prairie" (the musical production with Melissa Gilbert in it no less) is coming right here to NWArk in a few months. Our oldest daughter has been reading the series so I think it will make a perfect girl "getaway" for a few hours.
  • I never know what people think when I am rambling like on my last post about motherhood. Getting a couple of comments though made me helps to know that I am not the only one who struggles with all of this.
  • One of my biggest challenges each year is to make my classroom "fresh". I have a fairly set room layout because I have been in it enough time that I know what works. But bulletin boards and the hallway display (initially) are also big thoughts. (After school starts, I just use children's work which is more fun anyway) I finally settled on both and even got most of my big bulletin board taken care of today. I have been researching and contemplating what title to use for the board (I know it sounds like a little detail but it is the first impression I get to make with parents). Today I finally discovered one. Shortly afterward a teacher from a message board I am part of e-mailed me the exact same one. It was like confirmation. :) It really is the little things...
  • I posted on Facebook that I was going to have to hire a sitter on Monday for a few hours because I am just not getting any work done when the kids come with me in my classroom. I immediately had a couple of people offering to help...such a blessing!
  • A box of books I ordered for school arrived today...I love getting new books!
  • I think we finished up the school supply shopping today but I need to doublecheck against the list. If so, it is a HUGE relief!!!
  • My ankle is getting better I think. It is still really stiff if I have been off of it for a while. But overall, I am feeling a lot better, giving me hope for the future.

Well, I better get off here and get ready for the day. I needed to be reminded about the little things...sometimes on their own they are easy to dismiss. However, together, I am again reminded how blessed our lives are!


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  1. I have seen "Wicked" and if you ever get the chance to see it, do.

    Sesame Street is a hit in our house as well. Elmos is particularly popular here, although he's called Mo-Mo.

    Your life sounds busy as usual. Enjoy the busy times because they too quickly pass.


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