Saturday, August 15, 2009

When Two Worlds Collide

As I noted in a recent post, teaching has been a wonderful career for me as a working mom. I didn't choose it for that reason since I was young and single when I began. I actually just always wanted to teach. And I have never looked back. I have always been thankful God guided me this direction though because it does work well with my role as a mom...


And my husband says that the word "but" means everything said prior to it was a lie. I don't think that is true. I meant what I said...


once in a while, my worlds (teaching and motherhood) collide.

This morning we went to the school. I have "Open House" on Monday. I don't know which kindergarten students will be "mine" yet, but many eager little faces will parade through my room. So I am in crunch time to get it done. And it is getting there...slowly. Now I have been working hard a few weeks before I was technically "contracted" to be there. But with the kids, my time has been limited. So I am doing what I can.

Now the loft is going in. And I cannot WAIT for it to be finished. Both because I am excited to see it "complete" (I will post pics once that happens) and because then I can put my room back together. I am hoping with ALL hope that we can do all of this before tomorrow night. I have meetings all day on Monday until almost right up until Open House. So it is tomorrow or bust.

But I usual.

So we, as in all six of us, went up to the school. Mark needed to work some more on the loft (which is "up" in the room, just not complete yet). I wanted to see it and start doing anything I could to prepare for Monday.

The kids? Well, they just wanted to play. I haven't plugged in the t.v. in the room yet (The t.v. is mounted and is up much higher than I can reach), or I might have been tempted to extend screen time. So that left four children with active imaginations.

In a matter of moments, several things were dumped all over the floor (yes, the youngest was the main culprit). I found myself just following them around, "Pick that up. Who got this out? Why is this over here?" And my head started throbbing.

It is one of the few times my worlds collide. One of the few times I wonder what life would be like if I were JUST a teacher or JUST a mom. Thankfully those moments are short lived...

And it was. Short lived I mean. I will hopefully get to go up tomorrow afternoon once Mark is finished and work alone, at least get it prepared enough for Open House. It will get done. It always does.

As for the rest of the day...CRAZY.

After my worlds collided, I slunk back home in defeat. We had lunch then waited for a special trainer to come...all part of the Living in HD family program. We waited and waited and waited. Finally Mark decided to work on the ladder for the loft and I attempted a nap. Oh, about an hour or more after our "appointment time", we found out that it had been postponed...I guess that communication got lost somewhere. I think the ladder turned out better than my nap. The two oldest children were up and I was reminded why I have them have a "quiet time" every day. They were in and out of the house, as in SEVERAL hundred times (or so it seemed :). Every time they went in or out of the garage door, the door chimed (part of the security system) and then they slammed it. Since our bedroom is adjacent...well, sleep interrupted.

Afterwards, Mark took one to a birthday bash (a princess ball), then another to work on the loft some more. I took the two little ones to a swimming party for one of child 3's friends. That is always tiring because the youngest requires extra supervision since we are near water. Child 3 did have fun though (I am sure Child 4 did too). While we went home to get ready for bed, Mark and the big kids went to a Naturals game. Crazy day, crazy times...

More later,


  1. Cant wait to see pics of the loft.. Your little kiddos are going to love it! Hope everything goes your way today and everything is done and in its proper place for Monday night!

  2. I totally know how you feel! I swear when I take the kids with me it is crazy because they(mainly Carter:) wants to play with everything and of course not in a neat manner! I can't wait to see your loft pics. I hope your first day back is great! Maybe you can get some rest now that you are going back to work :)


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