Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Kinder Kid

Just stopping in (at home with a sick, or semi-sick, kiddo today...I do NOT do this at school :) to give a little update on our kinder kid. Our kinder student had assessments all last week, so she actually started school this week with her actual teacher (right next door to my room). I haven't taken any pics of her yet because I have been a little busy with my own class. But I will say that she is loving school. She is excited to go each morning and shares (really, for the first time) things she learned when she comes into my room in the afternoon. I was a little on the fence about whether to send her since she has a June birthday. And if problems arise, I am open to doing whatever we need to do to help her. But for now, she is doing well. She has been a bit, um...sassy?, at home but otherwise has handled the transition very well.

I will say that for the first time, we are getting some adoption questions from kids. I occasionally get them from grown ups who are usually pretty discreet when they ask. And I don't mind answering them usually. But at school, we have had two different children look at her, then look at me (usually after she calls out "Momma!" very loudly...her loud voice may be a downfall :), and ask in disbelief..."You are her mom?" One even asked me who her dad was. I guess I knew that this would come up at some point, just wasn't thinking about it at this point in time. We of course have always been very honest when our daughter asks us questions (lately we are getting a lot of "who was in whose tummy as a baby" questions); it doesn't take a lot to figure out that she is adopted. I just hope as those situations arise, I always handle them with honesty but also respect for her as I answer them. I hope she grows up to be proud of who she is.

As for now, I am proud to be her momma...



  1. I knew she'd love school - she's so curious! So who was sick at home today? Joshua? Hope the day at home was just what you needed!

  2. You should be one proud Mama!


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