Monday, August 10, 2009

New Year Resolutions...

I know, I know, for much of the world, New Year's is January. But NOT when you are a teacher. My year is from August to August. So really my August is like January. And this year I find myself making some resolutions...I will share them but I need YOU to hold me accountable and say, "How is it going?"

1. Going to bed earlier. Obviously that is not starting today. I have a feeling it will take a couple of weeks to fully implement. There is SO much to do this time of year and I am finding it is impossible to do with kids. So I have to wait until they are in bed. But I do hope to be in bed by midnight most nights. :) How is that for commitment?
2. Quiet times. I have been on and off with my quiet times (Bible study and prayer) the past couple of years. I really want to get it back in my schedule, even if it is just for a short time in the mornings. That is why #1 is so important...I cannot get up earlier if I don't get to bed earlier.
3. Organization. I cannot stand the or at school. The school clutter is actually not a lot, it is mainly my files I need to go through, some cataloging of some books and pictures, etc. So my hope is that for about 15 minutes a night, I will devote some time to an organization project for either home or school. It won't be major projects, but I am hopeful if I stick with this, that after a while, I will notice a MAJOR difference. :)
4. My body. I am not happy with my body. I knew that as I got older, the weight loss would be harder. I am well aware of that. But I have to make more of an effort. The eating out (regularly) has to stop. We have really had to do it more lately with football and cheer, but now I hope to get back into cooking mode because I cook fairly healthy, as far as we go anyway. Of course, right as school starts is probably not the best time to make that goal, but it is my goal for the year even if we don't do well the first few weeks. Along with this is exercise. I had been exercising so well, then I hurt my ankle. Well, I am healing pretty well now. And I need to get back to it. I just started a notebook tonight of my measurements. They weren't pretty. I nearly choked on a couple. But I am going to start measuring once a week. I am also going to record exercise and how I did with food. I can change, right?
5. My kids. I am going to make more of an effort to give them my full attention for at least a few minutes when we get home. It is hard sometimes with homework, dinner, after school activities. But as tempting as it will be to want to veg for a little bit (which is what I usually want to do), I am going to try really hard to focus on them. It may not be for long but hopefully it will be a good time to reconnect for all of us. .

I know there are other ways I can improve, but this is probably enough to challenge me for a while. :)

We had a good weekend. Today was a really nice day. We had a good day at church. We came home and ate some lunch (nothing big) then the kids got a little playtime in before naps. The only not fun part of my day was my nap (and you know I love my Sunday afternoon naps) was cut short by two arguing children. I won't name any names, but the youngest two were still sleeping. :) During that time, Mark started on the loft he is building for my classroom. I cannot wait for it to be done...I am so excited! Meanwhile, I made dinner which has not happened much lately due to our crazy schedule. It was a fairly easy recipe but it sure was yummy! The oldest child raved about it. (Zippy Paprika Chicken) Afterwards, I made snow cones and we headed out back to eat them and play in the backyard. The weather was very pleasant. Mark played football with the big kids while the younger 2 roamed the yard. I got started on our is looking better. Afterwards, we came inside for showers and bed. While we were waiting for kids to take showers, Mark and Child 4 were playing (around me) on the floor. It was just one of those "Awww, this was nice" nights. Oh, once the kids were in bed, I got started labeling school supplies and sorting it out. I have just a few more things to get for the kids, then I am done. Yippee! As you can imagine, they take up much of our dining room table. :)

I have more to share, but I have got to get to bed. I am doing a short presentation tomorrow and then working in my classroom. A HUGE thanks to my friend A. for watching kids for me. I am SOOO blessed by your kindness!

More later,

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  1. You are very welcome. It was fun! Makes me want to go buy battleship. Did we leave Emmy's cheerio case there?


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