Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Joy of Sisters

Ahhh, the joy of sisters. They give you pink umbrellas to play with, Care Bear socks to "skate in"...we are never quite sure what they will do with their little brother on any given day. In case I worry too much about their influence, he is quick to point his finger and "shoot" me.

Oh what a couple of days. My normally sweet boy who is usually full of joy has been everything but recently. I don't know if I am being punished for leaving him, if it is just another fun phase that hopefully will pass quickly, or if it is just toddlerhood...it has been a roller coaster ride around here!

Yesterday I was more distracted than I should have been. I just wanted to finish up some housework so we could do some fun things this week. I forget sometimes that just because I see the bigger picture, my kids don't. They just know that I am not focused on them. Some don't mind...they kind of "run" with it. Others, like the little one, act out instead. Of course, then I am not so eager to spend time with him either. :) Needless to say, it was a tough day.

Today I woke up feeling optimistic. It was a new day. I had planned on taking the kids to breakfast for donuts then to my school for a bit. Everyone was excited about the plan...well, almost. Child 4 LOVES donuts but for whatever reason, he was not in the mood to go. (He does wake up thinking he is starving) Trying to get him dressed was like trying to wrestle a calf. Not fun. Finally we got out the door. He was happy as a lark eating half a dozen donut holes. Then the switch clicked and next thing I knew he was having a fit about something. Thankfully the donut place was not too busy at that point.

Next...my school. I knew we wouldn't get much accomplished but sometimes I have these wistful misguided thoughts. The girls immediately found some friends, so they were out of the room...good in a way but then not so much in a way. Child 2 is such a HUGE help with Child 4. Basically I tried to organize while having to follow Child 4 around and say, "Pick that up...you get it out, you clean it up." I will say that for alot of it, he was pretty good about picking it up. Until he dumped some things out of a shelf. Then he refused. The joy of it all...

Then it was time to go. We were all ready to head home to eat. All but one. Guess who? I turned out the light and shut the door most of the way while the other kids ran down the hall. Nope. Didn't bother him a bit. Finally he sauntered out, looking pleased with himself. Then we got out the door. Again, he just kind of stops and looks at me as if to say, "So what?" I told the others to get into the car. He wasn't going to budge. I got in the car and turned it on. He started to cry (he was quite a distance but easily within sight) but still wouldn't budge. I put the car in drive and pulled forward just a few feet (still not anywhere near him but within easy sight)...then he decided he was ready to come with us.

By the time we got home, Child 4 was feeling fine. He ate lunch (kind of). Then he couldn't wait for the babysitter to come (so I could go undo everything the kids had done that morning). He kept calling her name, waiting for her to show up. Finally she arrived. And he was thrilled. Until he realized I was leaving. Then he wasn't. He came running up to me, frantic, saying, "Go Mommy bye bye". I told him I was leaving but that he could stay with Miss S. He cried. :( (She did text me later and say he was fine as soon as I left)

While I was out, I got to go to a couple of stores in search of some supplies for my classroom. Then I hung out in my classroom for the rest of the afternoon. I did accomplish a lot but you cannot necessarily tell by looking at it. I keep reminding myself that every little step is a step closer and to not be too hard on myself for not being done (like some of my friends are). Four kids is no easy task. (Plus it is football/cheerleading time so our evenings are booked with practices and games...that should be done this weekend!) I do know it will eventually all get done.

When I came home, Child 4 was happy to see me. But then Daddy had to leave with Child 1 and then he was sad again. But then I told him that I would play blocks with him. Happy. (Playing blocks was an experience...this child has a certain way he wants the blocks...he has the "plan" in his mind and apparently I don't understand it. I would put a block down and he would quickly tell me no and move it! It was very interesting watching his mind work as he created this "house"...later he "lit" the cylinders and blew them out like Mommy did on her birthday cake) Then I told him I needed to make sandwiches for dinner. Sad. It was like this most of the night.

Do you see the roller coaster ride I am on?

Let me off, please, let me off!


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  1. Aw, poor Joshua--and mommy too! Sometimes I think they can just "sense" things and it might be that he can sense its almost time to go back to school/daycare. And he is dreading it as much as you are. I hope your last few days of summer are peaceful, fun, and HAPPY!!!


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