Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cabin Fever

Well, we decided last night that I would stay at home with the kiddos today while Mark went to church. Our little guy's allergies continue to get the best of him. I really don't think he is contagious, but unless you really love him, you may not want to see all of the coughing, dripping (nose), etc. And I am still struggling with a cold or a virus (something that is making me ache all over). Mark needed to be at church to help with the Lord's Supper, and that meant nobody was there to supervise remaining children. So we had a family (five out of six) church day at home.

I was glad we did. I woke up hurting all over. Even my teeth hurt. And child 4 woke up with a matted eye. It thankfully isn't pink or anything, and I really don't think it is pinkeye...I just think the allergies/cold are in his eyes. And Hunter slept until 9. So in the end, I was glad we chose to be at home.

Home church wasn't quite as neat of an experience as it was the last time we did it. The youngest doesn't get the point at all...imagine that. :) We tried to have a family prayer time, and he kept rolling over his big brother and bringing out any and all toys he has that make noise. Child 3 was a bit on the grumpy side, so she wasn't really "into it", and even the oldest was just kind of ambivalent about it all. I did try though.

Tonight we were supposed to have our life group (community group). However, my mom (who usually watches the kids) wasn't feeling so hot either. So Mark went alone, while I stayed back with the kids. (He offered to let me go, but I still am dragging a bit)

All that to say, I have a little bit of cabin fever! (And thankfully that is all of the fever I have even though I keep thinking I do have a fever) I am really too tired and achy to go anywhere, but I think tomorrow, I may dash out of the door!

That being said, I have enjoyed the time with the kids. We have had some good conversation. We have enjoyed playing some games (not even just video real games!). And we have been able to catch up a little on housework. And I did get a nap today, which is always a plus. :)

I do have a few prayer requests, being that it is Sunday and all (or was when I started typing this).

Please pray for Hannah Grace. I have mentioned her before. She is a four year old daughter of a local teacher who was recently diagnosed with leukemia. I will admit, when I first heard her diagnosis, I thought, "Okay, this one CAN be beat." And it can. But little Hannah has had to deal with a lot of extra complications and difficulties (such as strokes), more than anyone could have imagined. I would guess her parents feel like they are on a roller coaster ride of emotions. She will have a good day then suddenly she is back in the ICU. Please pray for her healing and for her parents' strength and energy as they face each day, each new challenge. They have a strong faith, thankfully, but no matter what, as a momma it is agonizing to see your little one in any kind of pain.

Also, please continue to pray for Bonnie. She is an incredible lady if you ever get the chance to meet her. Even as she struggles with learning to live life without her husband, and even more, being a mommy (a very tired one at that) without her husband there to help, she has this genuine compassion and encouragement for other people. I can just imagine (or probably can't) how difficult the holidays will be this year...more new "normals". Please think about her and just pray for His strength.

And finally, please pray for us as we guide our children. We are dealing with behavior things with all of them...not big things but still things that must be dealt with. It can be tiring at times and a bit discouraging. Please pray for our wisdom and guidance as we figure out how to handle each situation that comes up, whether it is the impulsiveness of a toddler or the temper of a "big kid". There are days that it would be much easier to throw in the towel, to just "overlook" some flaws and issues, but in the end, we know now is the time to handle things...before they grow into bigger things.

Okay, one more finally, please pray for our health. So far we have avoided any major sickness, though I know it is all around. We are looking forward to the holiday, especially spending time with family. I am hoping we will all be well enough to enjoy each and every minute!

If there is something I can pray for you, let me know.

Off to bed...I DO have school tomorrow.


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