Thursday, November 5, 2009


I am a bit behind in blogging. I wanted to share a little (not all the details...I don't kiss and tell :) about our anniversary getaway two weeks ago. I want to remember it on those days when I wonder if we will ever have time alone again...

Our anniversary was officially October 26, a Monday. However, on October 24 (a Saturday), Mark surprised me by sharing that we would be dropping the kids off at my parents' house for the night and would have basically the next 24 hours to ourselves.

What a true gift! We love our kids, we really do. In fact, I said I would be ready to start date night only after we had hiked Tanyard Creek with them. But I have also mentioned a time or two that we just enjoy our time together. Alone. No interruptions. We are different as night and day but we have a lot of fun together.

So after the hike, we did drop the kiddos off. I don't know that any of them noticed. They were too excited to be at Grams and Grampops' house (more screen time and yummier food :). We went home and got ready for our date...dinner out.

For dinner we went to a place called Theos down off the square in Fayetteville. Just being there was a treat. It is a grown up place. No crayons offered at the door. I don't think there was even a kids' menu. We did learn that reservations are quite helpful at this restaurant, but thankfully they squeezed us in.

We enjoyed adult conversation. We enjoyed not having to wipe anyone's hands or cut up anyone's food. And we (at least I) REALLY enjoyed the filet mignon which was one of the most tender steaks I have had in a really long time. Or ever. It was delicious. Lately Mark and I have been watching cooking shows like "Chopped" and "Top Chef". When our food was brought to us, we both said right away that it had a "Chopped" look to it. Quite delicious! After we devoured our steaks (and I am not afraid to say I did), we treated ourselves to a dark chocolate caramel molten cake. Usually when we share a dessert, Mark eats a polite big then I finish it. Except this dessert was delicious. Mouth watering. Really, indescribable. And we had to fight over the last bites.

It was a wonderful evening.

In the morning, we slept in. Nobody woke us up demanding to eat or asking to watch cartoons. We just woke up at our leisure. I would be lying if I didn't was heavenly. :)

After we got up and around, we headed down the road to Devil's Den to tackle the Yellow Rock hike. We love taking the kids hiking, but it was a treat to hike by ourselves (well, and the several other people with the same idea) too. Here are a few pics of the fall decor...

Mark checks out the land...

One of the many little creek areas we encountered

Yes, another together picture. We cannot help ourselves. :)
The view from Yellow Rock looking down at the creek below

Apparently it is called "Yellow Rock" because of the yellow tint it has to it. I know there is a more scientific explanation, but I am too tired to research it...
This time someone actually offered to take our picture together. A rare treat! (Windblown look and all)
Climbing uphill (probably what he feels like marriage to me is like each and every day :)
Another beautiful creek to enjoy!
Me and my honey
A little off road exploring

After the hike, we headed back to NWArk for a late lunch/early dinner at Carrabas (yum). Then we decided we had just enough time to go to the movies, a very rare treat, especially if it is not a cartoon. We saw the movie "Love Happens" with Jennifer Aniston. I am pretty picky with movies; I don't like horror movies at all and only watch an occasional adventure movie. I tend to stick with romantic comedies. Well, the movie was romantic, but it was not much of a comedy. I wasn't expecting it to be quite as heavy or sad as it was. I am not saying I didn't like it. I did. It was just so emotional.

Even through the tears...loved our night/day away. A true treat! (Thanks to Grams and Grampops for keeping up with our little people so we could have the together time.)

I better get busy. I am having a hard time keeping up this week with much of anything. I don't think I am handling the time change well.



  1. Sounds like a fun 24 hours together!

  2. What am I saying? Considering where you grew up, I'm sure you know of Lost Valley.

  3. Great wrap-up, and a fun reminder of the times my wife (and, later, our son) and I have spent together at Devil's Den. The next time you have a chance like that together, you might go a little farther, to Lost Valley. Very easy hike with some wonderful scenery.


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