Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thankfulness Abounds

Okay, before I forget, I have a PS for Santa Claus...I need someone to match all of those single socks that are piled high in the basket on top of the dryer.

Now that I have that out of the way, I thought I should actually turn thoughts to Thanksgiving which is happening before Christmas (no matter what the stores say or do). I would hope anybody reading (Here I feel a Bueller coming on, "Anyone? Anyone?) would know some of the obvious things I am thankful for, such as my husband, kids, extended family, my God. But here are a few more things I am thankful for to add to the list (just in case I sounded too whiny in my last post)...
  • a dishwasher. Oh, I joke (somewhat) about wanting another one. We use our dishwasher a LOT. And I am already mourning the day it decides to quit, though I don't blame it one bit. But I am SOOOO very thankful for the one we do have. Life would be very different without it.
  • a husband who goes with his wife's crazy schemes, like "I know we have stuff at the beginning of the day and you have a game to attend at the end, now, let's spontaneously jump in the car and head to the zoo..." without complaint. Or much complaint. (Pictures coming soon)
  • Sharpies. Do you know how often I use Sharpies both at home or at school? I am thankful for them.
  • Our newspaper. It isn't the same now; Mark's newspaper and MY newspaper are now ONE newspaper (cuts down on our recycling volume). I am just thankful we get a paper at all; I know they are a dying breed. While I do find a lot of my news online, for the best and most current local news, I cannot beat the newspapers.
  • For my minivan. I do complain a lot about it, and yes, I am still in mourning over the loss of my Honda Accord (which never would have held all four kids in the backseat). But it is a good vehicle for our family. It gives us room to move and store things, like books and other entertainment devices.
  • KLRC, our local Christian radio station. It is an uplifting experience each time I listen. Even more, I love to listen to our daughter join into the songs.
  • Ice cold Mountain Dews at the end of a long day. Love my Dews.
  • Ghiradelli dark chocolate with caramel squares...not only delicious but also healthy for my heart (the dark chocolate :)
  • My heated throw, especially on cold days.
  • Velcro shoes. If you have kids, you know why.
  • Digital cameras. I remember all too well using film. You had to be careful not to expose it to sunlight before it was finished. Then you would wait a few days for your pictures to come in, only to find your thumb was covering the lends in half of them...
  • Redbox movies. We just got our first one yesterday. I LOVED being able to walk right up, choose, and leave with a movie. Easy. My favorite kind!
  • DVR. I love being able to say, "Record this show any time it is on". Much better than being in the middle of the grocery store and realizing that you aren't home to set the VCR when needed.
  • A job that I love and look forward to each day.
  • Comments. I almost always enjoy the comments people leave on here. Usually makes me feel not so alone in the trials and tribulations of parenthood.

I can go on and on, and may do so this week. But for now, I keep dozing off. So I need to say farewell for tonight!


PS What little things are you thankful for?


  1. Too many things I'm thankful for to leave in your comments, but you mentioned being able to record on your DVR as one thing your thankful for. We've been thankful for the opportunty to be watching a show on t.v., pause the show and come back to start it again without missing anything. The rewind feature while watching a show on t.v. has been really nice too, however, Lili was under the impression that all t.v.'s did this and while staying at our niece and nephews house this summer she got very upset that they couldn't rewind and start a show all over again. It's sad and humerous all at the same time.

  2. What a fun post! I feel so blessed that God has given me our family, great friends (wink wink) and a few things as well. :) But I'm also thankful for Christ - without Him, I don't know that I could survive without some of those people he's given me that I'm thankful for! (did that make sense?)

  3. I'm thankful for being able to stay connected with "old" friends via the internet. ;)


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