Saturday, November 21, 2009

Random Thoughts on a Saturday Night...

Okay, it is just Saturday afternoon. It just didn't have the same sound to it as "Saturday night". Besides, the rate I have been going, it may be Saturday night before this ever gets published.

I am enjoying a little peace and quiet. Mark has taken the girls to the school carnival. The youngest and I are still battling allergies or a cold (not sure which) so we opted to stay home. Apparently the oldest is too old for such things, so he stayed home too. Child 4 wanted to go outside, but I am tied to the stove making baked potato soup. So Child 1 agreed to take him out for me.

It is very heartwarming watching the two of them explore in the backyard. When we first started adopting, Child 1 wanted us to adopt a boy from France (he has a fascination with France) that was his age. I was worried that his little brother would be a huge disappointment to him, coming as a baby and obviously NOT from France. But from the beginning, the two boys took to each other. They are eight years apart, look completely different, but totally love each other. Oh, they drive each other crazy on occasion, but overall, Child 1 is exactly the big brother to Child 4 that I hoped in my heart he would be!

Even as I type, the boys have come in twice to show me treasures they have found...things like a red leaf and acorns. I love to watch Child 1 share his fascination and curiosity about the world with Child 4. They are both special boys.

Whew! What a long week it was! Most of us were dealing with allergy "crud" (such a precise word, isn't it?). And the younger two were a bit...emotional? They gave me a run for my money I will say. I felt like I spent much of the week in correction/discipline mode. I keep hoping it will pay off in the end but there were a couple times this week I was ready to throw my hands up in despair.

Last night (I did mention these are random thoughts, right?), we rented our second Redbox movie. I am really enjoying this convenience. We are such an exciting crew...we rented Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaur and ordered queso and chips for dinner. Really, aren't you envious of our Friday night?

I will admit, I only half watched the first part of the movie. After all, it is the third installment. How good can it be? Except that partway through, I realized it was very funny, as in those deep down laughs that come from the gut. The oldest was gone for the night, but the rest of us just enjoyed hanging out and chuckling throughout the movie. One of my favorite parts was when a giant T-Rex type dinosaur was chasing after one of the characters. The youngest started screaming at the T.V., "No bite, Dinosaur! No bite!" He is a funny boy (most of the time). He also chuckled pretty hard in some spots. He definitely has a sense of humor.

Another part that warmed my heart was when a baby mammoth was born. Child 3 was sitting next to me. She was particularly loving yesterday anyway. She watched the three mammoths, the two parent mammoths holding the baby, and she got the most tender look on her face. She said something to the effect that now she guessed they were a family. And that is how she sees it.

Another kid funny: Later that night, Mark was getting the youngest ready for bed. He was on the changing table while Mark put pjs on him. Mark said he was wiggling or something, so Mark fussed at him. He said that our son stopped and then lowered his voice and said, "I want Mommy." It is hard not to laugh sometimes!

Oh, and earlier that night (nothing like going backwards in your storytelling, good for confusing the readers), the girls decided to play hair stylist. Child 3 insisted on fixing my hair. I will NEVER complain about that. I love to have my hair played with, it is SO very relaxing even though at the end it is flat and probably greasy. Anyway, Child 4 got into the act (the joys of older sisters) and "fixed" my hair too. He then told me, "Mommy, you look pretty." Over and over. Really, how could you ever tire of hearing that (especially knowing what I really looked like)?

Now, back to today. It truly is Saturday night. Such is the story of my life. I start things then get distracted (not sure how :). We had baked potato soup for dinner. Yum. And then turkey sugar cookies (as in with a picture of a turkey on them, not made out of turkeys). And we had a little game time...Child 2 and I played Uno while Daddy played Memory with the little ones. Then books and bed. Pretty nice evening if you ask me.

Well, I better wrap up.

More later,

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  1. Hope everyone is over the crud soon. We actually have a dog with the crud right now and it's not pretty :-(

    I also think you should share your Baked Potato Soup receipe.


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