Thursday, February 11, 2010

Give Me a Break!

I thought about yelling that a time or two today. It wasn't a bad day. It was just one of those going ninety to nothing days. The kind where you feel like you are running in circles and then not getting anywhere... I just truly needed a break along the way.

First of all, yes, that mirror picture in my last post happened recently. As in yesterday. I was backing out of the garage. We have both cars in there, so we have to scoot to the sides. I have been known a time or two to scrape the side with that mirror on the way out. Usually I am a fairly good judge about whether I need to go back in and try again. Apparently my judgment was a tad bit off yesterday. I backed out, noticed I was cutting it close with my mirror, and went ahead and backed out all of the way, expecting my mirror to bounce back like usual. Only this time it bounced off. It was thankfully attached by wires but it was no longer fully attached nor in working order. I went ahead and left, calling Mark as I drove down the street. When he finally answered, I told him there was a little problem with my mirror. My kids were giggling. Yes, giggling in the back seat. Of course, he did give me an, "Awww, Honey!" to which I quickly responded, "Well, it isn't like I meant to..." And then my kids were fully laughing at me. I really am not as ditzy as I appear. It is actually a rare thing for me to do something like this. Really!

Oh, I wouldn't have been in a hurry to share my misfortune if I hadn't known that my dear hubby would be picking up my vehicle to gas it up for me (the light was on). I figured I should tell him before he saw it.

I thought since the mirror was in one piece, it could just be put back on. Apparently not. I have to get a whole new mirror.

So what did I get for Valentine's Day? A sideview mirror and a laptop screen. Exciting, huh?

Until my mirror is in, my dad helped secure it for me with the tape you see in the picture. Gotta love duct tape!


I really am doing a Valentine surprise post (about some surprises we have done for one another over the years) but I am just not awake enough to do it tonight.

I will say that it was a crazy day. School was a whirlwind of activity. The kids are on about four weeks now of indoor recess. They have been sweet as can be, but they have a LOT of energy. (All you have to do is peek into my house and see the craziness!) Plus Valentine's Day is a BIG deal when you are five. I cannot explain it but I will say that it is on the level of Christmas. I think it is the thought of candy. Today was a whirlwind of meeting with parents, meeting with the principal to discuss our "Gender Matters" book, organizing V-Day party supplies, etc. Finally at the end of the school day, we bustled out of the door and got Child 2 to gymnastics. Child 3 and I ran to pick up Child 4, then we headed home. We were home for about twenty minutes (of craziness) when we hopped back in the car to go get Child 2. Then we came home again for about 30 minutes. We did some "costume changes" and then hopped back in the car to go back to school. Child 3's PTA performance (the kindergarten Valentine program) was tonight. While there, Child 4 became a deputy kindergartener since Mark had to pick up Child 1 from swim practice. So that means I was teacher AND mommy tonight. Before the program started, I sent Child 2 out to her basketball practice which was thankfully at our school tonight. We had the program (Child 3 did well, especially since she had protested several times that she did NOT want to perform :). I tag teamed Mark. He took the other three home and I headed out to the gym to watch our basketball player practice and bring her home. We finally got home around 7:45. I was starving at that point. (Did you know our kindergarten eats lunch at 10:40???) And pretty darn tired!

Oh, one little drawback of our crazy day was I didn't exercise. I have been doing it right when I get home but I was never home a long enough period to do it. And by the time I was home for the night, I was too tired to even try. My second time to miss exercising in a month. Bummer.

Now I am headed to bed. All kids have Valentines filled out. Teacher treats are ready to go. And after a little sleep, I will be ready to face the day!

Have a good one!
PS I haven't forgotten my "gratitudes"...

I am thankful that my computer screen (hopefully the right one) is ON its way! This computer has been wonderful and I will still use it. But there are times we need more than one computer at home. Plus, my printer is on the other laptop. And so are all of my addresses. Maybe I can actually send out Christmas cards this month. :)

I am grateful that the next snowstorm (that is even hitting Texas and Mississippi) is going to the SOUTH of us!

And I am thankful for so many parents in my class willing to send things for our Valentine's party. I have a wonderful group this year (students and parents).


  1. Don't feel too bad about knocking the mirror off. Mom did that to her Camry a few years ago...right after she got it!

    Eat some candy and treats for me! Love you!

  2. It must be the phase of the moon or something because i swear Reba,, my day at school yesterday was one of the worst EVER!! It was one thing right after another. Kids.... parents... even dealing with teacher issues.. just crazy and hectic!!
    Hope you have a great weekend and get some rest!

  3. I have had my fair share of random inciDENTS with my car lately, too! SO frustrating!

    I love class Valentine's Day parties, but we missed our's! I am keeping my fingers crossed that our principal allows us to make it up. It wasn't until I started teaching and got married that I came to love V-Day!

  4. caution - objects in mirror are closer than they appear (happens to the best of us)


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