Saturday, February 6, 2010

Just Call Me Grace...

I apologize for the lack of posting. I know, I know, I am sure life has been incomplete without any entries here. Just amuse me and nod your head. :)

I have been SO tired this week. I have noticed that it comes in waves...the fatigue. Sometimes I can handle our crazy, busy life, and then other times, I just feel like pulling up the covers and staying under them for a few days. Ahhh, the joys of motherhood.

So I have been less than graceful this week. On Thursday, when I got to school, I parked next to the curb. When I got out, I was level with the van door. Big mistake. When I shut it (the driver's door), the bottom corner caught me on the back of my foot near my heel. Ouch! I limped inside and didn't look at it for a while because I was afraid I was spewing blood. Thankfully I wasn't. :) However, I lost some skin in the process and now have a beautiful purple bruise about the size of a half dollar. Then last night, we headed to Catfish Hole to meet our friends J and A (and their baby) for dinner. We got there first and got our table. While Mark got everyone settled, I went to the front to see if they had arrived. They had, so we started walking to the table. Unfortunately, in my rush, I ran into a rocking chair and hit my shin. I haven't looked at it yet. I am scared to. I am pretty sure it is a lovely shade of purple too. Keep this up, and I may be a colorful rainbow!

Oh, what a week it has been. It has just been one of those weeks. It wasn't that bad at school, other than we are having to have indoor recess nearly every day right now which is never fun...for the kids or me. :) But home has been a bit of a challenge. That would be kids, not my hubby. It seems like at any given moment we have someone crying. And you would think that after four kids, the crying wouldn't faze me at all, but you know what? I think every time it happens, another nerve frays. Why the crying? I have no idea. One child wants to do everything on his own, but he isn't completely capable of that yet. And he seems to have a pretty strong will. If he gets it into his mind to do something (regardless of whether we have granted permission), he will do it or die trying. Not really die, of course, but he will not give up. Then there is another child who just cries on occasion, usually if things don't go their way. And apparently that happens alot. At least this week. Really, I love my children. I just would like one day of smiles. (Not that they are sad all of the is unfortunately those moments that seem to stick out in my mind right now :) I actually looked at Mark at dinner and asked him, "Do you ever wonder what our life would be like...?" I didn't even have to finish the question. He knew exactly what I was talking about. We decided we would probably be living in a smaller house, have more disposable income, and travel a lot more. Hmmm, waiting for the downsides. Just kidding. :) Anyway, I keep thinking, "This too will pass...this too will pass..." Please tell me it will pass!

Tomorrow night is Super Bowl Sunday. We are having friends from church over. This will be our first year to see it on the "big screen" we won from Panasonic...that should be fun. However, I will not be watching for the football. I actually have no vested interest in either team. I honestly don't even care about pro football. I shall be watching for the commercials, my favorite part. :) If anyone wants to join us, feel free. :)

I think there is a threat of more snow on Monday. I am really hoping that storm system passes by. I know I can't change the weather. And I am trying to be upbeat. But I really don't like missing all of this school. I like my summer break. Not to mention, our state wide testing dates are set. Doesn't matter how many days we miss. So less time in the classroom is less time to prepare for those...I am not saying anything about the reliability of testing. I am just saying that it is unfair in a way for kids who haven't missed school yet to be tested over materials, while other districts have had to miss several days due to the weather will be tested on the same things. Such is life.

I love the "If Wishes Were Fishes" comments. They are so much fun! It is like are all sitting around, having a girls' night out. All that is missing is the chocolate. That and being in one place. :)

I don't think I have updated lately but Ribby II is still alive. He still likes to sleep on his side. I guess he is just a side sleeper. But he is swimming around a lot more. Of course, he is a fish. All of that could change tomorrow.

I really am going to post on "Why Gender Matters" but I am about to read another chapter, so I thought I would wait.

Can you believe V-Day is next weekend?

Still dreaming of the beach...

Totally random thoughts. That is because I should be sleeping. This is one of the first nights I have stayed awake. I might actually have the energy to get out of these clothes and into pj's tonight. Might.

I don't ever want to brag...I try really hard not to do that with the kids. I don't want to ever appear prideful. Besides, when you have those moments, they tend to bite you in the backside later. :) But I do want to say congrats to my daughter's basketball team...they are undefeated! I think today's win secured their number one spot in their league, even though they have a couple more games left. Of course, in basketball, you can be number one, but it is how you play in the tournament that determines the big winners. So it is still anyone's game. Either way, she has had really enjoyed playing. I have enjoyed watching her play though I don't get to watch it as much as I would like. (Saturday morning games are rough, trying to get everyone out of the our rule is to not wake sleeping babies unless we have to. Ever.)

I cannot remember if I updated, but Mark's mom's surgery to remove the tumor on her pituitary gland is on March 8. It is a pretty complicated surgery with some definite risks. Please pray for her to feel His peace as she waits and faces surgery. And of course, we are praying for no malignancy. Thank you!

I don't remember if I said (I forget, between Facebook and here) but my weigh in was the same this week as last. Maybe about half a pound but it was hard to say. I was a bit disappointed though it seems like most of the "contestants" were like me...either stayed the same or gained...the joys of snow days :). I really have been working hard...I have only missed one day of exercise in the last three and a half weeks. And I am eating better. Drinking more water than I ever have. I was hoping for a bit of a loss. I do feel better anyway. Unfortunately, I won't win the Biggest Loser with that!

I really should be sleeping. But I am really enjoying the fact that nobody is crying right now!

Okay, I really am going to go for now. I will check in tomorrow. :)


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