Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Is that a flash of light...

at the end of the tunnel?

We only have parent/teacher conferences twice a school year. We meet one time in early September, and then we meet again in February. I always enjoy getting to talk to parents about their children. I really do. However, the down side is that makes for a REALLY long day. And my time with my own kiddos is fairly limited. (I am extra thankful for a hubby who adjusts his schedule to meet our needs during times like this...)

One more. I just have one more conversation to go. Then I have 100 percent...yeah for me!

Today (Wednesday) we had our own kids' conferences. I won't go into all of the details because they aren't terribly exciting anyway. Of course, since I am at the school, there aren't really many surprises. I usually know what happens in "live time". Mark is always wonderful about coming too to hear the highlights and anything we need to work on. All went well. I am very thankful for my kids' teachers. I have no doubt they really know our kids and want the best for them. We are very blessed!

The nice thing was that we got to come home after conferences (and haircuts for the boys) and eat dinner together. I always relish that time together even though it is usually busy and sometimes loud. :) I had missed not being home the last couple of nights.

Well, I am off to get ready for the day (because it is now Thursday morning...I slept a little in the midst of one very short entry :).

PS Oh, really quick...just a few more things to feel grateful for...

  • My sister is here! (And her kids) Woohoo! That was a fun surprise...I didn't realize they were coming until this week.
  • Our school PTA is wonderful. They have provided food for us all week during our parent/teacher conference hours. So when we have a little break in conferencing, we can run to the lounge to eat. You will not believe what I ate the other day...vegetarian lasagna! Me, the non-vegetable eater. And I liked it!
  • Taco night. (Our dinner last night) It is our one meal that we all like. We all eat them different ways but we all eat them!


  1. Tell that wonderful sister of yours hello for me! Glad you get to have that time with her!

  2. I just found you at Dining with Debbie! We live at Rogers on Beaver Lake! Come visit GrannyMountain when you have time...


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