Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Love Is...

I have been thinking a lot about love. Must be love is in the air. Or Valentine's Day. So I thought I would dedicate a post to love. (Though there are many types and examples of love in my life, I am going to stick with the romantic kind of love this evening...)

Love is...

putting toothpaste on your wife's toothbrush every night, just because.

picking up a couple of cans of natural almonds that you know your hubby loves to eat when you are at the store.

going out in the freezing weather to fill your wife's car with gas since her light is coming on...

guessing your wife's weight to be thirty pounds lighter than it actually is.

seeing him in the halls at school and feeling your heart go all aflutter...

taking your family to the beach every year even though you would rather go snow skiing.

dressing your children in shoes even as little babies when you go out just because you know that is what he prefers.

surprising your wife at school with a lemon slush from Sonic.

picking up a big bag of peanut m and m's each holiday for the one you love even though you know having them in the house will be a huge temptation for you!

going to your wife's school and trying to present a love letter over the intercom as a surprise (but having to stop when you become too emotional...)

supporting your husband's decision to change jobs even though you yourself feel so secure in the job he already has, yet you know that the new job is the one that will make him even happier...

encouraging your wife to get her Master's degree even though it is more money to spend and a lot of time at home alone with the kids on the weekends while she goes to class.

not fainting or "freaking out" when your wife suddenly announces that she wants to adopt. Then reacting the same way when she comes back and says it a couple years later...

not telling your wife you lost your job earlier in the day right before her first baby shower so she can enjoy the baby shower, gifts, etc without having to worry.

sending a fax of disgust to the former boss who "let go" your husband (who doesn't know you are sending the fax) without reason, letting the company know what they truly lost.

driving to Orlando on your Christmas vacation, spending money you probably shouldn't spend, just because your wife asked you to...

encouraging your spouse to travel to the baseball College World Series even though it is your high school reunion (and you have already paid to attend).

never complaining when a tired wife says "Tonight we eat out or scrounge for food here...".

e-mailing him throughout the day just to say "I love you..."

getting up each morning to get breakfast ready for the kids while your wife has a few minutes to herself to fully wake up.

encouraging your husband to go to a basketball game even though that leaves you home with four kids, two of which have homework assignments that will use every bit of strength she has let for the day to oversee :)

giving your wife a "night off" each week during the summer so she can have a little time to herself after being at home all day, every day.

knowing that you can call your hubby and tell him that you just knocked the sideview mirror off the passenger side of your van while driving out of the garage, confident that he will not get mad at you...

To me, that is what love is.

What is love to you?

Next entry: Valentine surprises...



  1. Reba-
    I always love reading these lists from you. They defintely put things into perspective. Thank you.


  2. Did the mirror thing just happen???

  3. Soooo sweet!!! I was plannig to do a similar "list" post later this evening! You'll have to check it out! Hope yall have the best valentines ever!!

  4. Isn't she great!!! Love ya Babe!

  5. Love is a grandson who lets his Grams sleep with Lion.

  6. Great reminder and it made me cry.

    I am so thankful for my husband! and thankful you have such a great one, too!!!


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