Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Top 10 Reasons I Am SOOOO Over the Snow...

I think if you have read any of my blog posts in the last couple of months, you have probably figured out that I am not a big fan of winter. I don't like cold weather. I get chilled easily and when I do, it takes me a LONG time (think hours) to warm back up. That is why I never ask for recess duty. I don't know that I could survive even a mildly cool day! And I crave sunlight. I don't know that I truly have SAD (Seasonally Affected Disorder) but I do know my spirit is happier when the weather is warm and sunny. I know, I know, if I lived somewhere else, I might miss the winter, the changing of seasons. I am just not sure on that one. That first snow is usually so pretty. Other than that, I could do without winter time I think.

That being said, we have had the snowiest winter ever. At least since I have lived here. Even last year when we had the big Icegate, we didn't miss this much school. Plus we just never really got a good snow. Apparently God is answering some children's prayers though, giving snow after snow after snow. And all I can say? No Mo' Snow!

So, rather than get depressed that we had yet another snow day and my summer is getting shorter and shorter, here is a little fun. At least for me. This is the Top 10 Reasons I am SOOOOO over the snow...feel free to add your own in the comments. :)

10. Winter weather clothes are bulky. They take up a lot of room. That may not sound so bad, but when you have two very clothed children sharing a room and a couple of dressers...well, it is just a bit of a challenge to figure out where to put everything! Not to mention, for me, when you are already so self-conscious about your weight, and then you add another couple of pounds of clothing...well, it is tough on the ego/self-esteem.
9. Our vehicles are dirty. All of the time. Not long ago, we went through an automatic drive through. I simply could not stand how filthy the van was. I mean, it is uncool enough to drive a mini van. Driving a filthy one is just completely unacceptable! Guess what? I need to have another carwash. It is filthy again.
8. No hiking. Okay, if I weren't so wimpy in cool weather, I might be tempted to hike a little in the snow. Not as much of a chance to see snakes and all. However, I am wimpy. It really does take me hours to warm up if I get chilled. We had just started the hiking together as a family on weekends, and I enjoyed that time so much. Plus it is good exercise and we get to see new parts of Arkansas. Next to traveling the world, it was a great time of adventure. Well, as adventurous as you can get with a two year old. Right now, spring seems so far away. Plus, it may take months for our ground will dry up enough that we can get back to it!
7. Inconsistency at school. If you ask me what my favorite time of year in school is, you might be surprised to learn that it is in the months of January and February. The first quarter of school, we are just learning routines and getting to know each other. The second quarter...well, much of it is spent in anticipation of Christmas. The end of school? Well, spring fever hits and then there is that whole "summer" thing to distract us. I see more growth academically and emotionally in January and February than any other time. The only problem is that for this January and February, our time has been so inconsistent. Don't get me wrong. The students are learning. And I am pleased with the progress I am seeing. But I cannot help but wonder how much more we would be learning if we could go to school. Every day!
6. Snowsuits, jackets, mittens, scarves, hats...so much gear for playing outdoors. And it really needs to be stored somewhere. (I keep hoping the attic but then we get another snow) But we don't have ample storage space. Especially for bulky gear. So right now it is on the little trampoline in the toy room. Ugh!
5. Food. I miss grilling out. Okay, I don't actually grill out. But I miss eating food that has been grilled by my wonderful husband. The one good thing is that I do get to eat soup. I don't get to do that in the summer around here...
4. Temps. While it would be so fun to be out in the snow playing (I did like to once in my life), lately the temps have been so low and the wind chill even lower, it is just too cold to be out.
3. Snow days. An occasional snow day is fine. Having one on a weekly basis (if not more) is not. I am watching my summer get shorter and shorter. Not to mention how this will mess up camp plans, vacation plans, etc. Ugh!
2. Eating. And eating. And eating. For some reason, when you are stuck at home and have a lot of free time inside, you want to cook and eat. I have been trying to be good since I am participating in Biggest Loser, but it is no easy task! I am sure it somehow dates back to the primitive instincts, storing away food for the winter. Either way, it is not healthy. :(
1. Indoor recess. Come step into an elementary school where kids have had one and a half recesses OUTSIDE in the last month. It is almost an electrifying environment. The kids need to be outside SOOOO bad. Please, snow, please...go away!

Reba (who is hoping we WILL be in school tomorrow...)


  1. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



  2. We are also having an abundance of snow this winter. We've been trying to cvalculate how many days we have left before we hit the end of June, which is when all days have to be made up by.
    I hate being cold,too, but there is something about a snow day that gets me so excited! :)

  3. OH OH OH.... I can relate. Get me out of here REBA!!!!!
    I dislike it!!!!!!!!

  4. I know I'm the oddball, but I like the winter and the snow. At least in NWA, one of us is happy all the time! LOL.

    About Grilling, Mark needs to just get out there a GRILL! I grill and smoke all winter long, it's the best. Most grilling does not require that you hover over it. :-)

    Even the kids let out a collective "Awwwwww....." when they announce no school now. They know that it's going to eat into their summer.


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