Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wii Did It!

Ugh...after my whole tirade about spam comments, I got three or four today! They are almost always on old posts. I tweaked my comment settings to see if that will help. It isn't a big deal, just annoying. I am just not sure why I am suddenly getting them. I stayed under the radar for so long...

I finally finished the Wii Active 30 day challenge (in a little more than thirty days :) today! I feel so...accomplished. I had to laugh when I was doing the last workout today. The trainer announced that it was time for squats. My youngest just lit up, yelled "squats", and started doing them as he said, "Down, up, down, up..." Apparently he is paying attention to my workout too.

I was feeling brave or maybe forgetful after school. The kids were talking about Valentines. I also had promised myself that I could have the Wii Active More (like it is a reward or something :) if I finished the challenge. So, the three of us (the oldest was swimming) headed to Target. I once swore to never go to the grocery store with all four but this was Target with three. Hmmm, I may need to add that to my list of "not to do" activities too.

Okay, it wasn't that bad. It is just quite an experience. I have one who is...what is the word? Enthusiastic? Stubborn? Loud? All of the above? (Yes!) So as I go down the aisles, he is identifying familiar items, characters, etc. "Elmo, Mommy!" "Sponge Bob Square Pants!" And the more excited he is, the louder he is. Plus, if I don't respond immediately (like in the moment he actually utters the words), he goes to a very high pitch that causes heads to turn our direction. Then there is Child 3. I laugh when I think of my original assessment of her. When we picked her up in Guatemala, I was astounded at how still she was. We would put toys and gifts out in front of her, and she was very reluctant to touch anything. Apparently she was just in a state of shock at these strange people picking her up and taking her from her comfortable surroundings. She is...energetic. Busy. Inquisitive. All of the above? They are traits that will serve her well one day. For now, it can be a bit exhausting at times. She picks up, touches, feels anything and everything. When I was buying the Wii Active More, the young man checking me out (as in taking my payment for the Wii game, not looking me over :) got a buzz that someone needed assistance. He looked really confused because he had just been out in the electronics area. Come to find out, it was MY child who was playing with the buzzer nearby, the one that alerts an attendant someone needs help. Finally, Child 2. She first of all freaks out in parking lots. She is the "momma" of the house. Sometimes more than me. When we are walking in, if a car is moving within a mile of us, she has grabbed her sister's arm (who detests being touched or told where to walk). Then, like I said yesterday, she is a "wanter". In a store, she wants anything new, anything bright, anything fun. So, with those three, shopping is an adventure. We did get Valentines (other than for oldest...I am not sure what fifth graders do for V-Day!)...I will say they all fit their personalities. Any guesses what they got?

I know, I know, I still am not talking about why gender matters. That requires deep thought. I don't have any of those right now. I had to set my alarm for the first time this morning (in a few days)...I really missed sleeping in until 8:30. Plus, I did my Wii Active workout (which was a toughie, like a final exam :) then just had to try out the Wii Active More. (Do I sound like a commercial? I really am not getting any kind of compensation for this...) So, that post is coming...another day!

I better get to bed. My alarm is still set. At least it is a short week!

PS I LOVED the "I Wish..." comments! They made me smile!

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