Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Go With My Gut

I rarely check our on-line banking account. I get an alert each day about what our balance is. If there is a big discrepancy, I check it out. Otherwise, I don't get on unless I am looking for a check to clear or trying to find a transaction.

Today I just felt the urge to check on a check we had written. I was curious if it had cleared or not.

So I signed into my online banking.

My first concern was that it asked me about getting alerts, then had a message that my alerts were disabled. would that happen?

When i saw the current transactions, I had more concerns. I started seeing all of these small transactions for places I was pretty sure we hadn't gone. When I googled one such place, I found out that it was based in South Africa.

Of course, my dear hubby wasn't home. He was coaching basketball for Lauren. So I couldn't double check with him.

I just had to sit and wait.

That was hard. Especially when I saw one of the "suspicious" transactions process in front of my eyes.

As soon as I could, I spoke with Mark. I found out what transactions were his for the day, and which ones weren't. Like the Ritz-Carlton. And a movie theater in South Africa.

Armed with my information, I called the bank. I had to "hold" for a really long time but finally we had a hold put on the account. And we will receive reimbursements.

Still, as much of a pain as it was (and it was), I am thankful.

Thankful for those gut feelings that nudge me to do things like check a bank account.

Thankful that not much spending was done.

Thankful that as of now, it seems to be fixed.

Thanks, God!
PS I started another blog (because having one isn't enough :) about my experiment reading through the Bible...don't feel obligated to read it but just know it is there if you want to!


  1. We had this happen in Disney. Someone stole our credit card and book Amtrack tickets from Orlando to New York! Chris was only checking out our account because we were on vacation and he wanted to make sure everything was lining up as well thought it should. We had only been there two days and I knew we had not been through that much money! We looked a little further and there it was.

    I am so glad they are fixing it for you! - Megan

  2. Amazing what some people do. I'm glad you found out and you put a stop to it. I'm like you I wait for my daily alerts or simply text for a balance inquiry no I log in at least once a day.


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