Sunday, February 27, 2011

So Much to Say, So Little Time

We had a very busy day, from our daughter's basketball game this morning to another beautiful weather Saturday spent on the hiking trail to a yummy family dinner (spaghetti...Mark's choice). And of course I have so much I want to share (and even more, remember) but it will have to wait until tomorrow.

It is time for night night.

But I did want to share one more thing.

Or rather two.

I started a couple of other blogs!

No, I am not totally crazy. Neither blog will be too time consuming (I hope). And I will definitely not be posting on them regularly like I do on here or on my Bible Study blog.

No, these are fun (for me).

One is a hiking blog. It is called "A Walk in the Woods". I will still share some of our hiking experiences on here because this is the closest thing I have to a scrapbook. But I can describe more and post more photos on that blog. I often have people ask where we hike. There are many good books out there about hiking (Tim Ernst is a wonderful author of Arkansas hiking books). This will just be one person's perspectives on the trails we explore...especially with a family of six.

The other blog is going to be a recipe blog. Cooking with the Clouds. I just plan on sharing favorite family recipes. I will confess. I have no recipes on there yet. This week. Please note I am not attempting to be The Pioneer Woman. Those shoes are way too big for me to fill (not literally...I have no idea what shoe size she wears :). I was encouraged by my friend C. to do this, so here it is...or at least soon will be. :)

And that is about all I can do in one day.

I will share more about the precious gem of a hiking spot we found on tomorrow's post...



  1. Can't wait to read the cooking blog since many of our favorite recipes are ones I got from you!
    I am impressed that you have time to do it all.

  2. What a great idea! I am excited too about the cooking blog--maybe you could even have guest posters to give you even more recipes to try:-) I would be happy to contribute a few my kids love and since we have enjoyed all the recipes of yours I have tried, can't wait till you post some recipes:-)


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