Friday, February 11, 2011

Mama Mia!

No, not the movie/musical, though it is showing here at our local arts center. I actually have yet to see it. I really need to.

It just came to mind because I have been thinking about food. And when I think about food, "Mama Mia" comes to mind as the chef kisses his fingertips (and hopefully washes them promptly before cooking anything else).


Oh, dear food.

What is it about being home, in my sweats, all day long, that makes me think about food?

I dread weigh in next week (as I sit here and type rather than exercise like I should).

Let's just look over the last week and a half...

Hmmm, last Tuesday I think it was (first snow day), I had a hankering for Mongolian Beef and Fried Rice. Yes, healthy I know. It sure was yummy though. Of course, then we had to have a little Chocolate Lava Molten Cake to go with it...

Then one day last week when I was done being home and cooking, we picked up pizza. Have I ever mentioned how much I love pizza? Then, one week later, we had pizza again...

My sister mentioned something about homemade donut holes (using refrigerated biscuits and a Fry Daddy) on Facebook last week. I had forgotten about those. We used to make those when I was little. I mentioned it to Lauren, my eternal sweet tooth child. She was ready to go for it. So we did. We have had that twice.

Miracle Lasagna. I don't know why it is called that. The only miracle will be if I don't gain a few pounds from eating it.

Hopping John and fancy little ham sandwiches for Super Bowl Sunday.

Pumpkin cake with caramel sauce.

Apple cinnamon muffins.

Chocolate lava molten cakes again after our dear neighbor traipsed through the snow to deliver the one egg I was missing to make this dessert after I mentioned I was missing an egg on Facebook. Yes, Neighbor of the Year! (My children actually broke out into a cheer when the egg arrived. Not joking at all. We are a sad bunch.)

Baked potato soup.

Pancakes and bacon.

I think child 2 has made two batches of brownies now. She loves cooking and baking (did I mention her sweet tooth?). She is using mixes but she makes them all by herself.

Several batches of hot chocolate. Okay, I didn't drink any...I don't drink hot drinks. But my kids are going through it like crazy!

Deviled eggs.

The newest recipe: Cheesy Chicken Marsala. Oh yum. I had to stop myself from licking the dish clean. I love Marsala sauce.

Catfish Hole. How could I forget Catfish Hole? Best hush puppies in the whole world. And crab legs. Yum.

I know, I know, I am doomed.

But it sure has been yummy!



  1. mmmm! this all sounds so good; its made me hungry!! i would love some of your recipes! We tend to eat the same ole thing around here week after week! :(

  2. I gained 12 pounds just by reading this post.
    Mamma Mia ... indeed ... maybe, one day soon, you will get your wish to see the flick.


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