Saturday, December 10, 2011

Deck the Halls...

Slow Moving. That is what we are. Slow moving.

As of last night, our tree was up with lights on it. And a star.

That is it.

Maybe it will have ornaments this weekend.

Maybe not.

Because of course, we have lots of activities this weekend too.

Just lights is kind of pretty, isn't it?
On another note, I am even behind in blogging about Buddy. After Buddy's fun playing in the snow (or powdered sugar), I guess he felt it necessary to take a bath to clean up. I am also thankful he cleaned up that powdered really was a mess. (Now if he could just teach my kids to do the same...)
Last night, apparently Buddy had a rough flight to or from the North Pole. We woke up to this...
His poor little foot.
Hopefully an elf's foot heals quickly!

On a somewhat funny note, our youngest child's teacher told me that he was a bit of a turkey today. She didn't have to tell me, I knew. He was like that when I saw him too. Anyway, she said they were walking to the gym. She had to keep stopping to tell him to follow the rules. As I said, he was being a turkey. She finally stopped to tell him he would need a time out in the gym once they got there. She then told me the next thing she heard was his little voice, "I am going to tell Buddy the Elf that Ms. L doesn't get any presents this year."

Do you see what I am dealing with?

She said he did apologize later for saying that, but inside she was laughing.

I am glad she was laughing.

I don't think Santa will be once he hears about little turkey's day...

More soon (really),

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