Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Until We Meet Again...

I apologize it has been a few days. I have been updating the family blog with lots of pictures.

Now on to our regularly scheduled blogging...

Oh, Buddy, our sweet Buddy. Well, mostly sweet, a little bit mischievous. Very entertaining. Reminds me of a little dog who lives in our house.

Anyway, Buddy's last days with us...

One morning we found Buddy fishing in a bowl of goldfish. I think he was using a little Barbie fishing pole...

The next morning, we found Buddy in the toyroom. He was singing Christmas carols ("Away in a Manger" to be exact) with some of the Little People. That is a little songbook ornament I have had for years; it is usually hanging on the tree. I guess Buddy needed it to stay on key.
Finally, Christmas Eve morning, we found Buddy hitching a ride with Santa on his sleigh. I can only guess that was in anticipation of Santa (the bigger guy) coming that night in his full size sleigh. Apparently Buddy hitched a ride back to the North Pole that evening; I am really missing him these days. Hopefully he will come back next year!

Until we meet again, dear Buddy. Thank you for the good times!


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