Monday, December 19, 2011

Random Ramblings (The Week Before Christmas)

I have so much "real" stuff I need to blog about, but instead I am going to have a random rambling post because I can't focus on one thing/topic for more than a minute or two...

Before I forget, here is Buddy on Friday. We found him riding on a train, headed straight for the Polar Express movie. So guess what we did Friday night? Had a movie and popcorn/Shakes night! Woohoo! That Buddy has the greatest ideas.
Apparently the popcorn and shakes weren't enough for our elf friend. Saturday morning Buddy was discovered eating M and M's from the candy cup. I don't think Daddy was very pleased with that. He claims the peanut M and M's for himself and doesn't particularly care to share...
They say "Melts in your mouth, not on your hands". But I guess they said nothing about not melting ON your face...
This morning, We found Buddy in the living room. He was hanging out, playing with a Christmas Rubix cube.

Totally not Elf related, here is our little Fuzzy Face. Have I said lately how much I adore her???

We still have no ornaments on the tree. Well, a few that the kids have made. That is it. I am thinking maybe Wednesday when we will have more time to do it.

Nor have I sent a Christmas card out. I do have them (I think...). I just need to do the whole addressing, licking the envelope, stamp thing.

Just in case it sounds like I am totally not in the holiday spirit, I should add...

We are doing the Countdown to Christmas books. I did not wrap them all at the same time as I have done in years past. I am wrapping about 5 or so at a time. Then when we are about to run out, I wrap more. That has been okay with the kids and has worked for me.

I am also doing a "12 Days of Christmas" for my hubby. Each day I have a corny little poem or note to go with a little treat or a promise for a date later. Today's was a pack of gum with a note telling him I would "chews" him over and over again. Nothing big. Just fun. I put them in a different place each day.

I am not sure where the weekend went.

I was running some errands yesterday. On a whim, I stopped at a store to check on some things I was looking for. I hit the jackpot. I got four new custard cups for fairly cheap (which was a treat since some children in my house used my other custard cups for paints and they never have looked the same). And I found Black and White drizzled kettle corn. I had had it at a baby shower not long ago and had dreamed of it ever since. I bought some. I wish I had bought more. It is DELISH. Yum. Yum. Surely it is kind of good for me, right? Popcorn has fiber in it...

Did I mention that these are random ramblings?

We had a nice evening last night, hanging out with our friends J ad A for dinner. Good food, good company.

I better stop rambling. I will try to be serious soon. Maybe.


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