Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Losing It

I have debated whether to write a whole post about a certain little girl. And I still don't know whether I should or not. I may just summarize it by saying that this year has been a good year with her. I don't know if it is maturity, her teacher, being part of a team (basketball), or just confidence, but little Miss is a different child this year. I was worried about the holidays because that has always been a difficult time with her. But this year it hasn't. In fact, she has been downright delightful.

One change I am seeing is the smiles and joy coming from her daily. It used to be when I saw her in the hallway at school (which happens fairly often), she would look away from me or say "hi" with the enthusiasm of a stick, almost forced. This year is different. When I pass her now, she will wave to me and smile and often tell me hi.

Well, yesterday I ran into her while my kids were having a bathroom break. She came up to me, eager to talk. Highly unusual. Then she told me excitedly that she had a couple of loose teeth.

I was surprised.

This child has shown NO signs of loose teeth. None. She is mid-second grade and hasn't lost one yet. In fact, at the dentist appointment this past summer, they took x-rays to make sure she HAD permanent teeth somewhere. They were there but nowhere close to the surface.

So this news she delivered caught me off guard.

I told her to let me see it.

She opened her mouth, and I peered in. Then I almost fell over in shock.

Her TWO bottom permanent teeth have completely come in behind her baby teeth. How did I not know this???

She wiggled her loose tooth.

It fell completely forward.

As in it was going to fall out within a day.

Again, how did I not know this?

Later, I asked Child 3 how come she hadn't told me she had two loose teeth.

Her response? "Mom, I didn't know either. I just found out too."

And...a few hours later, it was out...with my help :).


It is hard to tell since the permanent is right behind it. But she will proudly tell you if you doubt.

I am predicting the second one will come out anytime.

Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy in one week.

On another note, Buddy adventures. I know you are just waiting in eager anticipation.

One morning, after a long search, Buddy was spotted inside the fireplace. Not only was he hanging out there, but he was wearing a Santa hat and had a small bag of...I don't know what. I didn't look. But it looked like Santa's bag. Sad news for Buddy though. Our fireplace is a gas fireplace. There is no chimney. :)
The next morning we found Buddy hitching a ride on a very dusty ceiling fan. It took us a while to find him. Who would have thought to look up? Thankfully, since it is winter, the fan is not spinning.

This morning Buddy was having a snowball/marshmallow fight on the table.

Silly elf.

Finally, a certain little boy has been making giggle which is much nicer than making me cry. Yes, that does happen on occasion.

Yesterday in the car, he announced that he was partway grown up. He also eagerly told me that he was probably almost as tall as his teacher's cabinet. Okay, you probably had to be there for those. They were cute though.

Then tonight he announced that he was an angel (which is a laugh in itself :). I turned around to find my little "angel" with a white hair scrunchie pulled over and around his head like a headband.

More soon,

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