Monday, December 5, 2011

Fall on Your Knees

Oh, that crazy elf. Look where the kids found him this morning. He was hanging out in the fridge, sitting on a Sprite can, drinking syrup from a crazy straw. You just never know what Buddy is going to be doing each day...

Well, the day started off on a positive note. Yesterday, Mark told me he would really like to stay home today (Sunday). That is unusual for him to suggest. I think he just wanted some family time in the midst of all of the busyness. He had some plans for some advent activities. And we hoped to get some decorating done too.

I will say that a certain little dog still does not understand how to sleep in. But she did go out, take care of her business, then come right back in and curl up with us to snooze a little longer. At least until she got sick. (If she would be more selective on what she ate/chewed on, she probably wouldn't get sick...)

We just hung around the house for a bit. Then we prepared for the setting up of the tree. This is a long process for us. Every year. I was hopeful though. This was the year we would get it done in one day.

Sounded good anyway.

Unfortunately, my sweet hubby took the "Oh Holy Night" selection "Fall on your knees" too literally. As he was carrying in the bag o' tree, something happened. I still am fuzzy what. I just know the next minute, he was walking in (sans tree) limping...or maybe it was hopping. I just know it wasn't walking.

Twisted ankle.

The kids managed to get the bag o'tree in the house. While hubby nursed his ankle (or rather propped it and moaned and groaned occasionally), the kids and I got to work sorting branches, "fluffing" them, then putting them on the tree.

I was curious what little Miss Marley would do and think about the decorating. I am actually not sure how decorations will go this year. She is a mischievous little dog. And she can get into ANYTHING. At first, she seemed oblivious to all of our activity. Then she decided she just had to chew on the tree stand. And a branch or two. Now look at her trying to look all innocent. Yeah, I know. I completely fell for it too.

Finally, the tree is assembled. And bare. Very bare. (Now the song "O Christmas Tree" comes to mind.) Guess who usually lights the tree so we can decorate it? That would be the lighting man of the house. I don't even know where the lights are. Sigh. It is going to be a long process yet again...

Because Hubby was now on the "injured list", that left me. I ran to the grocery store (which he was going to do...pity party for me :), came home, cleaned up the kitchen a little, worked on laundry, and worked in the garage, organizing some stuff. Oh, and I ran to pick up a pair of crutches a friend is letting us borrow.

We had steak for dinner. I was going to cook them in the oven. But hubby decided that with "crunches" (as one child calls them), he was able to grill. Out in the cold. More power to him. I stayed in the house and handled the fried potatoes. At least until I heard, "Help, help! I am going to faint..." For a brief moment, I thought I was the one who would faint. Mark stumbled into the house. (At this point, his ankle is so large, his socks don't fit...) Thankfully, he had finished grilling the steaks, I just had to grill the Texas Toast. Did I mention I have never grilled in my whole life? And that it was VERY cold outside?

Somehow we did it. Dinner was delicious. Then it was time for dessert.

My sister and her family gave us an early Christmas gift (I was SO nearly not that ready). A fondue set. I have never had anything fondue but it sounded like fun. I was surprised when I read the little owner's manual. Several recipes were listed...things I had never thought of. I can't wait to try them! Tonight, I decided we would try out the dessert...chocolate fondue. I may have reconsidered if I had known I would be the sole parent in charge. But I had already promised. And I had already thought about the chocolate.

We put some large marshmallows, pretzel sticks, strawberries, and bananas on the table to dip. Then we went to town. YUM. I really could have just eaten spoons full of the chocolate fondue. But I didn't.

We had a lot of fun. Just one very picky eater (who I won't name but she turns her nose up a lot around here) didn't like my chocolate dip. The rest of us ate it heartily. I can't wait to try more recipes!

It was a full day. Very little decorating. I am now having to go to the attic to retrieve decorations which is very scary for me...that is not my usual job. We didn't really get to discuss much in the way of advent, though we are making a point to talk about it each day in some way.

But even with the ups and downs, we were able to really enjoy our time together as a family.

More later,

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