Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Feeling Festive...Finally!

I am a bit behind in posting some big events, but with good reason. Programs. We attended our third holiday program tonight (Child 2 has had two, Child 4 one), with one more to go this week (Child 1). I want to share a picture or two from each but will wait until the final chorus concert.

We are slowly getting into the festive spirit around here. I finally just stayed up one night and did a little decorating. The stockings are hung. The nativity sets are out. The garland adorns the fireplace. And I even have Christmas music playing from my i-pod these days. (Though our tree still does NOT have ornaments...)

It took me a while to get here.

I have mentioned before that it isn't that I am anti-Christmas. Quite the contrary. I am so very thankful for Christmas and what it means. I am just anti-early holiday. Seeing Christmas in October is just too much for me. I treasure Thanksgiving and what it means (giving thanks for all God has provided and even more for who He is). I don't want to rush the holidays. In fact, I want to savor them. Each and every moment.

And finally I am there.

Now the kids...well, they have been festive for some time. :) But they have patiently (most of the time) waited for me.

I think even the pup is feeling festive these days...
Well, kind of :)

I haven't given an elf update recently. I have a few more to share but they are on the camera and I don't feel like getting up to get it.

Here is Buddy on the day of Child 1's birthday. He must know what a Razorback fan our son is. Or maybe he is a fan himself. :)

Finally, as you may remember, about a month ago, we gave up eating out as a family. We talked alot about sacrifice with the kids. We told them we would take that money we normally eat out with (once a week, occasionally twice) to give to others. At first, the kids didn't feel the sacrifice. I will admit, Mark and I had a couple of "dates" that involved food but otherwise, we kept to our promise (about not eating out as a FAMILY). I think I felt the sacrifice first...I love pizza and missed it terribly. I made some at home but it isn't quite the same. About the third week, the kids were feeling it too.

One month later, we ended the sacrifice with...pizza of course. :)

We used some of the money for an offering at church for missions.

But we still had some left.

So tonight I talked to the kids about some possibilities for the money; they will each get a portion to share at the charity of their choice. I mentioned missionary friends, some charities in Guatemala, "angels" at the elementary school (to help with Christmas),
etc. They also brought up Circle of Life, a local hospice, that is near and dear to my heart. We will talk more tomorrow but for now, it looks like the boys are leaning toward some opportunities with charities in Guatemala. And the girls are leaning toward Circle of Life. Though we are eating out again, we are going to slow down on eating out (really, we don't do it THAT much) and continue to give monthly to a special cause.

Well, that is a quick wrap up. I better head to bed. More running to do tomorrow!

Have a good day!

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