Thursday, December 15, 2011

Elf Adventures

So much to share. We finished up programs tonight. We had a fun night creating a gingerbread house. And some thoughts on Santa and gifts. But none of that will happen tonight. I have been very busy with Christmas related tasks and still need to do a few more things...

So I am going to do an easy post. I will share a few Elf adventures around here...

One morning we found Buddy hanging out in the Christmas tree. The tree that STILL has no ornaments. Well, other than this one ornament Buddy hung up. Hmmm, looks a lot like a little elf I know.
The next day we found Buddy hanging out by the water/ice dispenser. Looks like he wrote out a little message for the children in the house.

The next day Buddy was spotted in the dining room, riding a Star Wars Starfighter. Looks like R2D2 and Darth Vader were checking him out.
One night Buddy decided to sign our daughter's agenda (for school). I wonder what the teacher thought about that?
This morning the kids found Buddy in the toyroom. He and Barbie were apparently taking a joy ride around the house. They need to be careful though. I didn't see a seatbelt on either one.
Buddy seems to be a bit infatuated here...
Hmmm, I can only guess what our next adventure will be!

More soon,

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