Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Going for Gold...

We had a fun night (I realize it is actually early morning but until I go to bed, it is still Tuesday to me :) Tonight was Child 3's big school program, the circus. And I have several pics I want to share. But they deserve their own post, much like this one does...

Today was Science Fair project day. I had mine set out on the table (class project with kindergarteners) just before 8:00 a.m. On the way in, my very competitive older daughter jokingly (I am going to assume that is how it was said...) told her big brother that she hoped he did well and came in second. What she was implying was that she hoped her class' class project came in first. I quickly explained that their projects would be in two different categories. Then she realized her project (a class project) would be up against MY class project. I don't remember if she verbalized that or not, but I am pretty sure the sentiment was the same...she hoped I did well and came in second.

On my way to lunch, I scanned the projects in the hallway. Guess what was on my class project? A red ribbon (second place). And guess what was on Child 2's class project? Oh yes, first place. By the way, I have heard that a few dozen times since. :)

After I ate, I decided to wander around to see if I could find Child 1's project. I knew it would stand out. He did a project with different types of trenches using his plastic Army men. So we used camouflage paper in the background. Obviously in the woods, that would have been camouflaged. But in the school setting, not so much. I walked on down the hall, trying to be all casual. And I happened to glimpse a little camouflage. I also happened to glimpse blue. As in blue ribbon. And I started crying. And I am still crying.

I ran into his teacher (who maybe had tears in her eyes too). She told me that the judges pulled him out of class to ask him questions about his project. He must have answered pretty well since he won in his category. When I asked him WHAT they asked him, I got a pretty typical "boy answer": "Oh, they just asked me some questions about the project." He did tell me later they asked him why he had chosen his project. He responded by telling them that he had family members who had been in the military, as well as a former teacher (who is in Afghanistan right now).

A little while later I walked by and saw a new addition to his project. There was a handwritten note in front of the project that said, "This is dedicated to Mr. E..." That would be the teacher in Afghanistan. I cried all over again!

Forgive me for the "proud mom" post...but, I am proud of child 2 and her class. I am proud of my own class. And I am proud of Child 1's hard work and dedication. A stellar day in the Cloud house!

More tomorrow,



  1. It was a very proud day at Grandpops and Grams house too!

  2. Well now I am crying too! What a great story!!!!!! You def should be so proud!!!!! Can't wait to see pics of Maria's school play!!

  3. Wow! Way to go Hunter and Lauren's class!!!

  4. AWESOME!!! Way to go everybody! He looks soooo proud of himself in the picture. I know for me I LOVE proud Mom posts!

    I was thinking of you guys yesterday as the girls and I 'grew' bugs as a Science Project!


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