Monday, April 20, 2009

The Energizer Bunny...

We keep going, and going, and going...

After testing, preparing, cooking, decorating, and "partying" (as much as you do with a 2 year old :), parts of me just wanted to collapse. But a mom's work is never done. I needed to open boxes/remove toys from all of those twistie ties. There was clean up. Time to visit with family (enjoyed that part). Time to visit with a friend (enjoyed that one too). Then Saturday night I took Child 2 on a hunt for clothes. She was in big need of spring/summer clothing. Meme (Mark's mom) went with us which was fun. (Then Meme and Papaw had to leave...we miss you guys!)

Sunday we had church of course. Lunch out (it was all I could manage after the week). Afternoon nap...much needed. Then I took the oldest on a "date" to see Monsters vs. Aliens. The Friday before had been Mom/Son Game Night at school. Unfortunately I was knee deep in frosting and cake at the time, and I begged for a rain check. Thus our date last night. Movies are a rare treat, though I always enjoy going (especially for the popcorn). We had a fun time together. He even thanked me on his own free will.

Today, after school, I had to run and get a few snacks for school. Then off to pick kids up, then back to the school to pick Child 2 up from science club. We came home for a bit then got dressed up for a banquet (Mark and I that is). In the meantime, Mark ran Child 1 to baseball practice/game where thankfully my dad was gracious enough to fill in since we had a banquet to be at during the same time period. We dropped the other kids off with Grams and headed to the banquet. Since getting home, I have been working on organizing clothes/switching out the seasons. Ahhh yes, it has been a hectic last few weeks. Do you think it will get better???



  1. When you find out the answer to that, let me know:0)
    Lets try and just say "yes"!!! ?

  2. Summer is right around the corner!!

  3. LOVE the cool...



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