Thursday, April 2, 2009

On Strike

I am apparently on strike from exercise this week. I haven't exercised one time this week. The first couple days were really hectic with paperwork, photo albums, etc. I just ran out of time. And I haven't felt very well in the evenings (hmmm, could it be the pistachios I am eating after reading that some pistachios are being RECALLED?). And I am just tired. So I am taking the week off (thankfully I did all that walking last week, so my muscles won't completely turn to mush...).

I am looking forward to a Girl's Night Out tonight with some friends from church. It has been a long time since I have done anything like that!

Yesterday I found myself hoping ALL day it would rain. One child had gymnastics, another had baseball. It becomes quite a decision what to do with the little people when we have to be two places at once. Not to mention though I had done well with meals this week, I had failed to get my barbecue sandwiches going in the crockpot yesterday, so I had nothing for dinner. I was very grateful when I looked outside around 2 and saw the heavens open up and water pour down! Baseball was canceled, I took Child 2 to gymnastics, and then we had a little Catfish Hole for dinner. (Well, not a little...I was miserable because I ate a few more crab legs than I should have)

This week I filled out school enrollment cards for not one, not two, but three kiddos! Yes, I got Child 3 registered for school. That same day, she came to me and announced that her teacher had told her that she was ready for kindergarten. (I hadn't told her anything about registering because I knew she wouldn't understand what I meant) I think she thought she was going right away.

I really need to get ready for the day, but here are a few things I want to record because I am afraid I will not remember them later if I don't. I really do hope to get back into my regular blogging routine this next week (though it is testing week, but all of that has to be done at school is just a bit stressful). Anyway, here goes:

I want to remember how fun Child 4 has been, even with all of his "no's" which we do hear all day long. I want to remember how we go back and forth, his answer being no each time, until I threaten the time out chair, and then he says in a defeated but pleasant little voice, "Otay". I want to remember how he has become our little drama king, overemphasizing each facial expression, such as the pouty lip, when he really wants something.

I want to remember how Child 3 has become fascinated with the idea that I could ever have been anything but a mom (such as a young child) she argued over and over with Lauren that I was never a baby and has been in a state of shock since I told her I really was. Now I am getting questions all day like "Whose tummy were you in?" and "Which room was your room when you were a baby?" She is also having a hard time processing how I could have ever possibly lived in a different house!

I want to remember how Child 2s passion for reading has ignited in the last year. Our school has AR (Accelerated Reader) points which for Big Brother were not really that motivating (though he also has a passion for reading for different reasons). Well, this child loves a prize. And she has taken delight in getting as many AR points as she can. Somehow in the midst of all that, she discovered that she loved to read!

Finally, I want to remember how excited Child 1 is about his glasses (which should be ready today). I hope and pray that he sees the world in a different way after getting them and finds them a necessary tool even on the days he doesn't really feel like wearing them.

There is so much more, but I have got to go. Have a great Friday!



  1. Enjoy your girls night! I'm having a girls lunch (plus kids... so does that count?)

  2. Like you, the one thing I appreciate about blogging is being able to put down various milestones and things happening in our lives. Many of these things I would forget along life's path.

    Have a wonderful "Girl's Night Out!!"

  3. I'm so excited that Maria is ready for school. I knew she would be; she is so bright and seems so mature. I am a little sad because she and Hannah will be parting ways at church. :( We'll have to make sure they still get to play together.


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