Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Treading Water

I want so much to feel like I have it all together. But I know otherwise. I know that many days I am just treading water, trying to keep my head above so I don't drown. Does anyone else ever feel like that?

It was another hectic day. School was good. Things just started to unravel once I picked up the little ones. The youngest for some reason wants a "nack" as soon as he gets in the car. It doesn't matter if he just ate one at his babysitter's house. He starts off chanting, "Nack, nack..." Then he gets louder and very desperate. I always tell him that we will have one when we get home which either brings loud screams of "Nack" or a big burst of tears. I would kind of understand except that I know he does "nack" at Ms. A's house. And this just started about a week ago. Furthermore, when we get home (after maybe ten/fifteen minutes), I give him one and he will eat just a bit and be done.

And I won't name any names, but somebody did NOT have a good day today which means Mommy didn't have such a good day either...

Once home, I bustled around working on dishes, making dinner, sorting through winter/fall clothes, laundry, etc. Meanwhile, Mark came home for a few (and I do mean "few") minutes, just in time to whisk Child 1 off to baseball practice. While he was gone, I continued working on clothes, fed dinner to everyone at home, and maneuvered the many toys and books that Child 4 felt the need to spread around the house. Some days it is like crossing through a minefield...

Anyway, we survived. But I am in that mode, survival mode. I just feel like I am treading water and barely (very barely) staying afloat.

Meanwhile, I have all of these blog posts, titles, and updates in my mind that I really want to share. But right now, sleep calls me...


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