Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Zero to Ninety...

You might be thinking the title is related to our youngest, and it very well could be, but....

I have been a little out of pocket.. I feel like a slacker with my entries here. And though I have read most of the blogs I visit in recent days, I am behind on commenting which I like to do. Why? It is the changing of the seasons...

We have been pulling tubs of clothes down from the attic for spring/summer. Meanwhile, I also have been pulling the fall/winter clothes. (In some ways that sounds simple, but it isn't...I have a "charity" pile, a "garage sale" pile, a return to friends pile, and a "save for next year" pile. Nothing is simple. (And for the oldest daughter, it means shopping and finding clothes since she has outgrown last year's wardrobe)

The switching of the seasons takes some time, and honestly I haven't been too aggressive with it. It wasn't that long ago we had snow and very cold temps. I knew this week we would see some warmer temps, so I have been hurrying the process along. However, we went from "zero" (cold and frigid temps) to "ninety" (okay, not really ninety but it feels like that after the cold temps) in a matter of days. Today was rather warm. Thankfully I have almost taken care of the girls and am finishing up child 4's. Maybe my own wardrobe can be next. :)

It has been a trying few days. The youngest is a full fledge toddler. He says "no" before he even finds out what I want him to do. Child 3 is going through a rough spot. We are just dealing with normal school/kid stuff with the older two (and constant bickering). Some days I just crumble to the floor by the end of the night. The constant decision making, the solutions for how to take care of different situations, the managing of time (especially with the baseball schedule)...sometimes it is overwhelming. I don't have any answers to it all, just thinking out loud... :)

I better get up and moving. I know, not a real entry today...tonight I will do this first rather than trying to do it as I fight sleep at night. Well, that is my goal anyway! :)



  1. Man, I remember the days of sorting through clothes as we passed them from one boy to the next. Now, Gabe has caught Zach and it seems that if Zach doesn't hit a growing spurt Gabe will soon outgrow him! All of those piles can become overwhelming in the blink of an eye! ☺

    Don't worry about trying to keep up here. I say that, I find myself in the same place. Sometimes there's just too much to do to get everything done. I mean, we have to SLEEP, right? Hehe

    Take care, and enjoy the day! I love you, Sweet Friend!

  2. I just went through Lili's clothes and put several things away for baby #2. I also bought several things on clearance last year hoping Lili would be able to wear them this year. However, I think most are going to be too big. Oh well!!! At least I can hold on to them for future use.

    One day I might even get my spring cleaning started :-)


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