Friday, March 19, 2010

Going VIral

Just a quick update. Mark took our youngest into the doctor. Of course, as usual, the child seemed to feel just fine before the appointment. Why do kids do that to us? Anyway, the appointment was at nine. Mark was in my classroom at 9:20 to bring me a much needed Mtn. Dew (for lunch, I won't drink one that early in the morning).


Yep, we paid a 25 dollar co-pay to hear that.

Okay, we really paid that co-pay for Mom's peace of mind. I don't like coming to a weekend with a sick child then having nowhere to go if needed. I don't like my mind running wild with "What if's?" as I run through lists of possible illnesses.

On a positive note, we learned that our dear son is now 28 pounds. Yippee!

When I asked him about his appointment, he let it be known that the doctor looked in his ears. He didn't care for that part apparently.

So, though we thought he seemed fine, our little patient spent the rest of the day with my mom just to be on the safe side. I figured it would give him a chance to get good rest and recovery from the virus (which I am thankful is not the flu which has resurfaced in our area).

Now, why is it that I have been feeling a bit under the weather?

The cycle continues.


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  1. 28 pounds! Big boy! So I guess he is quite a but bigger than Ems. :) Hope everyone is healthy in your house soon.


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