Monday, March 15, 2010

Wipe Out...

That is how I feel. Wiped Out. Of course, I am not sleeping. It isn't really my mind that is tired but rather my body. Today when we got home from school, I had plans to get some things done. Monday is a BIG school paperwork day (for my own kids) so that was in the works, along with a Wii workout, cleaning up, etc. Instead, I suddenly had all of these children around me begging to go on a walk. I have to admit, at this point, it was pretty nice outside. So walk we did. We went all around the neighborhood. If you don't know our neighborhood, it is a bit hilly. Not quite San Francisco style but it feels pretty darn close sometimes. The walking down is nice, it is the climbing back up that is a challenge. And I am feeling every bit of that in my legs! (I still did my Wii workout...later! I am feeling every bit of that too) I always wonder if there comes a point that your body is so fit, things like that don't challenge you. I have yet to find that to be true, but will keep testing the theory.

We were all back at school/work today. Child 4 was ready to go. When I picked him up, he was quite happy. I asked him how his day had been, and he said, "I didn't hit anyone." I guess that makes for a good day. :) He did just fine until bedtime, then he crashed (as in had a little meltdown). BIG nosedive. That is highly unusual for him. He was just worn out. Ironically, another child of mine who typically melts down nightly before bed did NOT do that today...

Our day started off cloudy...again. It was like that all weekend, just a miserable mess. (Cool and damp) However, this afternoon the sun pushed the clouds away, and suddenly the day felt much warmer, brighter. I am just praying that it will do that next week when i am actually on spring break! (We don't have big plans like we did last year, just a little hiking around the Buffalo.)

I still do not have a new microwave. I feel like I am really roughing it right now, rearranging what we will eat and how I will make it without a microwave to help out.

The other night I was watching the show Hoarders on TLC. It is one of those shows you watch with amazement, kind of like a train wreck you can't take your eyes off even though you want to. I felt so bad for many of those people. And I so want to never be like that. Then I walk into one of our hotspot areas of our house and I feel my heart race. I can easily see how stuff, just ordinary stuff, can take over your lives. Of course, one big difference for me is the "want to". I don't have any problem letting go of "stuff". I just need the time to do it. If I had just one week without my children (or work), I cannot fathom how clean and organized this house would be! And maybe one day they will all be old enough to go spend a little time with Mark's parents so that will happen. Until then, I suppose I will just chip away a little each night and hope for the best. (My biggest struggle is paperwork, such as receipts, bills, recipes I have clipped and magazines that often have one or two things I want to pursue checking out a website or copying a recipe. I welcome any suggestions in those areas!)

Tomorrow is the last official Weigh In for our Biggest Loser contest. I have no grand dreams that I will be the winner. However, I am continuing to exercise regularly and I am keeping track of what I eat. So maybe I am a winner after all. :)

More later,



  1. I am nowhere near organized with paperowrk, but what I've been trying to do, with articles and lists from magazines, is transfer them into a notebook by websites, books, movies, etc. Then I can recycle the paper and I have the notebook as reference (and it takes up much less space). I'm not always very good at keeping up with it so I sometimes have to spend 30 minutes paging through magazines to the pages I dogeared to write down what I wanted to remember or look up. Maybe someone else has another suggestion, I'll be checking back.

  2. I am not organized either but one thing I do that helps me is to create a word document of websites, quotes, etc. that I wanted to save from magaznes. For entire articles, I scan them in and save them as a pdf file and then I save them to a folder on my desktop labeled "magazine stuff".


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