Friday, March 5, 2010

Prayer Please

Tomorrow, early in the morning, Mark is heading to Mississippi to visit his mom. Her surgery to remove the tumor from her pituitary gland will be Monday morning. Mark will come back Tuesday evening.

Please pray for Mark's mom. She has been waiting for over a month for this surgery. That gives anyone enough time to worry and fret about what is to come, no matter how strong the faith.

Please pray for the doctors to have wisdom and a steady hand.

Please pray for Mark as he travels. I always worry about him staying awake which is pretty crucial on the road. I am sure he will be hitting the Red Bull to help out. Ick!

Please pray for the kids. The younger ones especially will not understand why Daddy is not here. It also changes our routines since we are responsible for taking the youngest to school for a few days.

And lastly, please pray for me. I know if God called me to do this on my own, I could do it (with His help). But at this time (with both of us alive and kicking), we are very much a team. And when one member is gone...well, it is hard to be a team. I already miss him and he hasn't even left yet...



  1. Will be praying! The nice weather today will hopefully help the kiddos and you here. Hope Mark has a safe drive.

  2. Last note was from Vickey!!!!

  3. You can do this. I know you can. It's important for Mark to be there and although it will be hard for you, I know you will make it. If I can help, let me know. I mean it!!!!

  4. I sent you an email before I read this. We ran into Mark and his mom tonight at supper. I was so disappointed that you and the kids were not here. I have already begun praying for Ms. Melissa, Mark, and you! Please email me Monday after surgery and let me know how things go! God is good all the time and all the time God is good! HE will get you ALL through this!

  5. I can hardly handle to dog when Richard is gone! Praying for you and your crew!


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