Monday, March 1, 2010

I wonder...

There are some things I cannot help but wonder in life...

  • Why does my son play in my bathtub (no water) in the morning instead of say, the toy room?
  • Why do I have a basket overflowing with socks without partners?
  • Why does nobody need to tell me something until I am in the bathroom then suddenly everyone has something important to share?
    Why is is that the day after you brag about your children's improved behavior that the behavior takes a nose dive?
  • Why do your children insist on singing at the top of their lungs when someone calls on the phone?
  • Why does someone drop their juice or a big crumbly cookie on the floor the same afternoon after it was cleaned?
  • Why is it only the nights you have gotten to bed really late that a child shows up in your room just a few hours later to tell you they are sick?
  • Why do children suddenly act like they feel a LOT better after you make a doctor's appointment for them?
  • Why do my children ask me every single morning what else they can have for breakfast when I give them the same answer every single morning? (almonds, yogurt, banana, fruit...)
  • Why I am more tired on Friday nights than any other day of the week?
  • Why my kids will call out for "Mama" over and over again when their daddy (who is an involved daddy) is sitting just a few feet away?
  • Why my kids will say "Mama" over and over again without really pausing to let me respond?
  • Why kids suddenly find their most favorite toys in the whole world in the consignment sale pile when those same toys haven't been touched for months?
  • Why do my kids remember to ask us for our allowance every week but never seem to remember the times I bought a pack of gum for them with promises they would pay me back?
  • At what point will I walk across the kitchen floor without hearing the crunch of Cheerios beneath my feet?
  • How can the child who has you laughing one moment have you crying the next?
  • At what point did my life not become mine?
  • How come parenting is the hardest job but the most rewarding job in the world?

What is is that you wonder?


1 comment:

  1. wow - thought provoking ....
    i can answer the sock question. You have a basket of single socks, because I have a basket filled with their matches.

    we need to get together and exchange socks!


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