Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Temperature's Rising...

Well, I admit it. I was getting all comfortable, all content that the winter illnesses seemed to have passed us by with little effect. And just about the time I was feeling that comfort, wiping my forehead saying, "Whew...that was close...", I had a knock on my classroom door. "Mrs. Cloud, you have a phone call. They need to talk to you right now." Oddly, I knew. I didn't panic which I would have done most other times. Our school office is being remodeled right now, so I found my phone call in the hallway. "Mrs. Cloud, your child has a fever." And like that, the dream was over.

Thankfully I only had thirty minutes of the school day left. So I ran down the road to pick him up. Oh, bless his heart. Anytime he has a fever, his breathing is a bit labored (I fully anticipate an asthma diagnosis in the next few years). As I drove back to pick up the other kids, my little guy started saying in a very pitiful voice, "I want Mommy hold you." Which really means he wanted his Mommy to hold him. So once we got home, I did.

With Motrin, he is good. He perks up, will play, and acts more like himself. But once the Motrin has run its course, the fever starts back up. Tonight he begged to go to bed.

So...I get to stay at home tomorrow (after I run up to the school for one little activity before Mark heads out to work).

In other news, Mark's mom was released from the hospital today! Yippee! I imagine she is ready to sleep at her own house (I would be!). Please continue to pray for her healing.

Did I mention anything about McTeacher Night? Our school partnered with a local McDonalds to do a little fundraiser. It was called McTeacher Night. The teachers volunteered to work one hour shifts, and part of the proceeds from the night come back to the schools. Of course, we encouraged our students to come see us "at work". Last time we had one of these, we were in the midst of basketball and swim team, so I wasn't able to participate. This time around, I volunteered for the last hour. I was a bit nervous. I managed to never work fast food (or really any kind of food) in my younger days. I honestly am not sure I can handle it. I forget half the time what my kids tell me they want to drink or eat from the table to the kitchen. Thankfully I was given an "easy" job passing out tickets for free ice cream. However, none of this is the point of the story. In fact, it is just useless information. :)

Partway through my shift, one of my co-workers called out, "Hey, Cloud, this girl had you for a teacher in kindergarten." I have to say that students typically change a lot appearance wise once they leave kindergarten and enter the teen years. So I had to get a closer her nametag. As soon as I saw her nametag, I knew who she was. I really do remember most of my students and little facts about them. It was so neat to see her (she even had her kindergarten picture WITH her!). I am proud of the lady she has become; she was helpful, friendly, and hard-working. I have said it before, but as much as I might want to take credit for these things, I cannot. I really believe that most students would succeed without me. However, I am truly grateful that for now, I get to be part of their lives, watching those "lightbulbs" go off as the learning comes together for them.

I got a fun little surprise last night! We were given a Roomba. If you read my blog at all, you know I have had this on the wishlist for a couple of years now. If you could see my floor, especially after meals, you would understand. Anyway, I got it out last night, charged it for a bit, and let it go to work. It sure did. It was a busy little fella, moving all over the place including under my bed. Don't know when it was last cleaned under there! I think Roomba and I will get along just fine.

Okay, I keep falling asleep. I better go for now. More to come!

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