Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Weighing In...

If you have read on here at all, you know that Wednesdays are "weigh in" days for our "biggest loser" contest at school. I am really careful about what I eat on Tuesday nights (I learned early on that eating ham which contains LOTS of sodium will NOT help you have a good weigh in) so I can weigh in well on Wednesdays. I also eat a light breakfast that day. As soon as I got to school, my weigh in partner popped her head into my room excited. She was four pounds lighter. Great for her, bad for me because now the pressure was on! I ended up being a half pound heavier this week. However, I didn't totally let my partner down. We ended up (thanks to her) being in first place this week. Woohoo!

The other thing about Wednesdays is that it is my "indulge" day. After weighing in, I am ready to eat and eat well. So I sent an e-mail to my dear hubby and told him to choose something (and to choose wisely). After much consideration on his part, we decided to go with Shoguns (which is a Japanese hibachi type grill). We had a gift certificate there which helped a lot. (We are trying to crack down on our budget/spending)

After school, I ran to pick up the youngest. Oh, by the way, he woke up fever free this morning and raring to go. So off to school he went. Anyway, I had a meeting after school but it was with my K team. So I just ran down the road to pick him up and bring him back to the school. He LOVES coming to Mommy's school. Loves it. Today, he had a brand new teacher today. She told me how sweet he had been and that he had been asking for me all afternoon. (I am thinking, "New teacher, he is totally playing her :) She also mentioned that he had had NO nap. She said he just didn't want to sleep. Of course, he has no choice at home. He doesn't have to sleep but he has to rest. Apparently he didn't. Suddenly these little red flags started going off all over my head in regards to dinner.

We stopped in at my school. At first, child 4 was very clingy. Thankfully it was a very informal meeting. He didn't want to venture more than a few steps away from me. However, as he became more comfortable, he started venturing further, going back to my room (right next door) and in the end going to a room across the hall with his sister. What I really loved is that personality that I was talking about yesterday really started to show. Lots of times, in front of others, he shuts down. Today he really warmed up. He would come in and tell me funny stories, with voice inflection and character voices. I am glad the others got to see that side of him.

We came home, and I immediately sent the kids outside. I think it was only in the 40's but the sun had been shining all day long. So it was pretty pleasant. At least if you are a kid. I am too cold natured, so I watched from inside. They had a good time out there. Okay, besides some quarrelling (mostly among the two youngest children). I loved watching them play in the sunlight. Gives me hope that spring is really on its way!

As soon as Mark got home, we headed out the door. Child 4 was SO excited. I had told him that there would be fire there, so he kept asking to go to the "fire". Thankfully the restaurant wasn't overly busy so we were seated quickly. Right after we were seated, one of the "big fires" happened at a grill near us. And that child about climbed the walls. He decided he did NOT want to be there and was ready to go home. I told him he could sit in the car. He agreed. As we started to walk out, I told him I was hungry. He said he was hungry too. So we headed back inside. Right after he was seated, another grill "fire" flared up (all for entertainment purposes), and we went through the whole scenario again. Sigh. I looked at Mark and said, "This was a bad idea..." The third time it happened, Child 4 tried to convince me to leave but our salad had arrived. So I told him I was staying put for the time being. He just whined for a bit. Then it was over. By the time our chef arrived to cook for us, he was a little frantic, but overall, he handled it well. The cook was kind enough to warn us when a "fire" was coming up. The first one, Mark took him away from it to a place where they could watch it but not actually be near it. The second "fire", he decided to stay and handled it just fine.

By the end of the meal, that child was using his chopsticks to pick up chicken. Of course, he didn't eat the chicken, but he picked it up. He actually used regular chopsticks and most of the time picked it up one handed. I was pretty impressed. We were sitting near an aquarium that had a clownfish in it. Every time it swam anywhere where we could see it, he nwould yell out, "There's Nemo!" He can see much better than me because it wasn't until the end of the meal that I saw there really was a clownfish in there!

As for the rest of the crew, I think child 3 enjoyed the meal the most. She chowed down on most of it, including the soup. The bigger kids loved the meat. Our oldest struck up a conversation with the family next to us who had a son around his age. When the family left, the woman kindly complimented him to us which was sweet and good for him to hear.

On the way home, we stopped by a store so I could pick up something for school. We were maybe five minutes from home when I turned around and saw our youngest sound asleep. Mark carried him in to the house, put him in his pj's, and put him in bed. I think the only words every uttered were when he looked up at Mark and said, "No book tonight."

And another adventure had come to an end...


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