Monday, March 22, 2010

How to Enjoy Your Spring Break

So, how do you enjoy the first day of your spring break?

You kick off the shoes (especially if the van door shut on one of them and shoes are much too painful to wear :)...

You throw on some shades, you know...since the white bright snow is blinding in the sunlight.

You listen to the trickle of running water (that would be the above said snow melting, leaving puddles of water everywhere).

You watch the birds merrily dance around (in the melting snow).

You see dashes of green shining through (the melting snow).

And of course, you get out to enjoy the fresh air...


PS I did go to the doctor, had a quick x-ray and am happy to report that I am bruised, not broken! That means that hiking this weekend (dependent on the weather) is likely! Woohoo!

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